By: Vhathihi  11-11-2011
Keywords: Investments

The initial step on our wealth and value creation journey involves contributions of one thousand
rand from each member every month for a period not less than 5 years. We aim to create wealth through:
  •     Investments.
  •     Networking.
  •     Collective bargaining.
  •     Supporting and benefiting from BBBEE ventures.
  •     Information sharing.
  •     Shared Learning and Education.

Our unique success factors:
  •     We are professional.
  •     We are like-minded.
  •     We have strong risk and governance measures.
In six months:
  •      Complete the establishment of the organisational structures.
  •     Have an approved shareholders agreement.
  •     Establish risk and governance structures.
  •     Establish a robust method of collection of Members' contributions.
  •     Have a functional Investment Committee with unambiguous terms of reference.
  •     Monthly reporting functional.
  •     Local members’ information-sharing, talks and seminars.
  •     Have an operational stable website.
  •     Hold a Special General Meeting.

In twelve months:
  •     Identify key projects for investments besides the stock exchange.
  •     Have a system for recognising, reporting and pursuing opportunities.
  •     Identify key areas for further investigation.
  •     Issue First Annual report.
  •     Review progress and structures.
Launch .
After a few exploratory contacts co-ordinated by Candice Kroutz and Teri Mhungu, Vhathihi
Investments (Initially One Bank) held the first open meeting on Sunday  28th January, 2007.  At
that meeting the main tenets of the Organisational Concept were presented and much debate
conducted around various aspects of the proposition. A voluntary Interim Management Team was
established. Committees.
Subsequently the Management Team established the following Committees:
•        Strategy
•        Treasury
•        Risk
•        Administration
•        Investment. Company Registration.
The Vhathihi Investments was subsequently registered as a Close Corporation pending
registration as a Proprietary Limited Company. A bank account was opened enabling Members
who were ready to do so, to pay their monthly payments. Recruitment Drive.
Several meetings of the Management Team and Committees have been held and the main focus
of Vhathihi Investments is currently the recruitment of more members with a target of 100 to 250
members before closure of the current phase of recruitment.
.so, the People did not undertake the struggle in order to remain poor..

Vhathihi Investments

A Shareholders'
Agreement was
adopted by the
Management Team.Shareholders'
Agreement will be
sent by email upon
request, pending
posting on this
website.Requests for
agreement can be
made on Contact
Us page.
Registered Address: 1 Reynolds Street. Petervale, Bryanston 2151.Johannesburg. South Africa

Keywords: Investments