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By: Ves  11-11-2011
Keywords: Gate, Home Electronics


Home electronics at its best. The GSMio SMS Communicator gives anyone total control of their home from a cellphone.

At Home

- Switch on your outside lights

- Open the gate

- Turn off the geyser

- Start the video recorder

- Turn on the sprinklers

- Know when the doorbell is rung

- Open the garage door


- Arm the alarm

- Be notified when the alarm was triggered

- Fire warning

- Trigger pepper gas

- Switch off the electric fence

- Safe is being tampered with

- Intruder in garden

- Sound the siren


- Machine has stopped

- Turn off the aircon

- Parcel has been picked up

- Remotely reset your server

- Dam is full

- Truck is overloaded

- Fuel level low

- Rear doors opened

Price: R1,950 (Excl. VAT)

Keywords: Gate, Home Electronics