Verimatrix: VCAS for Cable IPTV

By: Verimatrix  11-11-2011
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The rapid growth of IP-based video during the past several years, with more personalized viewing choices, has been a boon to consumers worldwide.

However, cable operators have struggled to keep pace with IP-based innovations due to legacy architectures and technology. Competition from the new IPTV entrants is also posing a threat.

The need to convert analog spectrum for digital HD and on-demand services also presents operators with a key decision: switched digital video (SDV), or IP-based video?

DOCSIS-based CMTS products have gradually become more capable of handling IP video. However, direct-to-edge and CMTS bypass approaches might be more cost-effective for large-scale IP video services.

The key challenge for operators then becomes the architecting of the video service infrastructure in such a way that content security requirements can be satisfied no matter what approach is taken.

The solution also must be able to co-exist with legacy systems to enable a gradual transition towards an all-IP environment.


VCAS for Cable IPTV, powered by the third-generation VCAS 3 platform, provides a complete digital TV security solution for pay-TV over cable RF plant.

VCAS for Cable IPTV fully exploits the power and elegance of modern two-way IP infrastructure to provide a superior level of multi-screen content and revenue security for IP and hybrid set-top boxes (STBs), PCs/Macs and so on.

The software-based solution is built on proven cryptographic and secure electronic transaction concepts used in e-commerce applications, accomplishing the highest levels of digital TV security as confirmed by several independent technology audits.

VCAS for Cable IPTV is proven interoperable with direct-to-edge and CMTS bypass solutions from Harmonic, GobackTV, and BigBand Networks. It is also fully interoperable with DOCSIS 2.x and 3.x compliant CMTS and cable modems. Operators can benefit from the vast Verimatrix ecosystem with a wide choice of IP-STBs, middleware, etc.

System Architecture and Key Components

Features and Benefits

VCAS for Cable IPTV secures and enhances the value of cable RF networks by enabling the introduction of competitive IPTV services, as follows:

  • Standards-based, two-way Internet security protocols ensure a solid foundation.
  • ViewRight® downloadable, renewable security for IPTV clients can be updated as required to combat security threats. It utilizes sophisticated security features of modern client device chip sets.
  • A Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) public/private key pair system plus X.509 digital certificates, featuring VCAS key management methods already proven in large scale IP video deployments globally.
  • Strong encryption using the robust AES algorithm.
  • ViewRight® PC Player, which turns broadband-connected PCs into fully functional, interactive IPTV clients.
  • VideoMark™ user-specific forensic watermarking, with a unique and highly robust identifier that is traceable to the last authorized recipient.


The Verimatrix approach to Cable IPTV revenue security is ideal for:

  • IPTV services over cable plant with IP-based direct-to-edge (“CMTS bypass”) infrastructure.
  • IPTV services over DOCSIS 3-enabled cable plant, with or without “direct-to-edge” infrastructure.
  • Operators planning hybrid services, extending linear DVB services with IP-based VOD and v.v.
  • Unified services and content security for operators with both cable and telco networks.
  • Wholesale-retail content distribution, enabling a centralized, hosted service with local control options.

Thanks to the system architecture and efficient form factor, VCAS is inherently cost effective for the smallest deployment while scaling easily to pay-TV operations with millions of subscribers.

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