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By: Vela Steel Building Systems  11-11-2011
Keywords: Trusses, Lightweight Steel

Vela SBS’s lightweight steel U-Truss roofing solution has been developed specifically for large scale housing projects, schools and light industrial buildings. The U-Truss roofing solution is cost effective as it can be transported long distances in flat-pack format, it is simple to assemble as no jigs are required and is easy to erect on site.

U-Truss Design & Engineering Solution

  • Fully integrated CAD/CAM system links the intuitive design software to the roll-formers
  • The in-built structural analysis program takes all loads into account
  • Each roof design is signed off by an independent structural engineer

U-Truss Transport

  • Chords and webs are multi-stacked in flat-pack format, substantially reducing transport costs

U-Truss Assembly

  • The pre-punched components allow for on-site assembly
  • A simple bolted connection detail negates the need for a jig
  • Local labour can be trained to assemble the trusses

U-Truss Site Erection

  • The U-Truss is lightweight and easy to handle, negating the need for large crews on site
  • The unique shape of the truss chord gives the U-Truss incredible strength in all orientations
  • Trusses are spaced at a maximum of 1250mm centres under concrete roof tile load
  • Fewer trusses = faster erection = costing savings

U-Truss Timber Sprockets

  • Timber sprockets can be fitted into Vela’s U-Truss if there is a requirement for exposed timber eaves

On-site Training

  • Vela SBS offers on-site training to local contractors for assembly and erection
  • Vela SBS empowers local communities

Rafters & Sheeting

  • Vela also offers rafters & sheeting solutions

Keywords: Lightweight Steel, Trusses

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TRUSSES roof trusses STEEL TRUSSES steel roof truss design STEEL TRUSS

Transported flat-packed & assembled on site = cost saving of transport. Manufactured from high tensile galvanised or alu-zinc steel. Fewer trusses required per roof = quicker erection time. Vela’s U-Truss is the builders’ roof truss of choice. Simple assembly technique, no jigs required. Lightweight and easy to handle. No warping, shrinkage or rot.



Vela SBS introduces the most advanced, complete solution for the design and fabrication of lightweight steel frame buildings for residential, multi-storey blocks, commercial and retail applications. The S-Track system allows engineers to reduce the foundation and piling requirements as the steel structures are much lighter than conventional brick and mortar.