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By: Veeva Systems  11-11-2011
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Think the days of gaining competitive advantage in the pharma industry through the adoption of technology are gone? Think again.

Veeva iRep is the next breakthrough in pharma sales and marketing. By bringing together elegant CRM functionality with streamlined CLM capabilities on the iPad, Veeva is delivering a completely new user experience, so much improved that it actually improves the quality of customer interactions.

iRep is the first truly integrated CRM + CLM solution designed specifically for the iPad and marks the start of a new race to gain competitive advantage in the pharma industry.

iRep offers a breakthrough combination of functionality, mobility, and connectivity:

Redesigned CRM
This is not your grandfather's CRM system. Taking an existing app and putting it on the iPad does not lead to remarkable results. But redesigning an existing app to take full advantage of the iPad's strengths sure can. That's why the multi-channel Veeva CRM functionality in iRep has been completely redesigned specifically for the iPad. You will be amazed.
Built-In Closed Loop Marketing
It's not simply's built-in. Every compelling solution on the iPad includes the beautiful presentation of multimedia content, so we made it part of iRep from the start. To get it just right, we incorporated learnings from the last ten years of CLM pilots, including the most important one we heard…"Make it a single system with CRM."
Instant On

Give the start-up process the boot while eliminating one of the largest complaints that your field teams have today. Every second with a healthcare professional is critical, so don't waste a single one by booting up your Tablet PC. iPads flash on at the touch of a button so whether you need to capture a signature or show an interactive presentation, you're on in an instant.

Real-Time Rep

The real-time Rep is here. In an always-connected world, iRep users can work in real-time with access to not only the latest published information, but also with access to the experts in their organizations that can answer customers' questions on the spot. And with so many physicians adopting the iPad, the collaboration possibilities are endless.

Cost Efficient – Lose the Paper

Leave the paper in the forest. iRep's digital content capabilities allow companies to finally replace paper leave-behinds. In most cases, this simple and tangible cost savings provides positive ROI for the entire project after only one year. Increased sales, lower support costs, increased compliance, and higher employee satisfaction come along for free.

Cost Efficient
Same iPad Everywhere

One device, global deployment. With the iPad, Apple has solved the age-old problem of needing multiple versions of devices to cover multiple geographies. Finally, it is possible to lower support and implementation costs by deploying iRep on the same device around the globe. And, with iPad costs at about 50% less than Tablet PCs, you've got an equation even your CFO will love.

Battery Life, Battery Life,
Battery Life

Ever tried to use a Tablet PC all day long? It's an endless struggle that consists of finding power cords, backup batteries, and car chargers. The iPad is already legendary for its ability to measure battery life in days, not hours. As a result, iRep users are always ready for the next customer interaction. Always.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

Is your bag so heavy that it has wheels? At a mere 1.33 pounds (600g), the size of the iPad 2 puts an end to user protests and aids in high adoption rates. No more lugging awkward tablet PCs through the halls, or even worse, leaving them behind. iRep ensures that your technology investments are always with your human investments, not left in the car.

Single Device Solution

iRep is not designed to be a companion device. It replaces laptops, desktops, and Tablet PCs entirely. Designed to take full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities, your users will never go back to their old hardware, and you will save money, enhance employee satisfaction, and increase overall efficiency.

Improved Compliance

Don't get caught out of date. Now you can ensure that when the FDA comes calling, none of your field users are using outdated versions of printed marketing materials. iRep’s approach ensures that only the most up-to-date materials are available. Changes can literally be made in minutes ensuring that your messages are always compliant.

Keywords: CRM

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