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By: Vantagepoint  11-11-2011

Vantagepoint business game is a great training tool for all, whether you are an entrepreneurially-minded individual, a person just wanting to learn more about the basics of running a business, or have been tasked by your company to find innovative training ideas.

The aim of the Vantagepoint business game is to teach players some of the fundamental business principles in a fun and interesting way. The game can also be played just for fun, with no regard for the lessons learned. Different objectives can be set at the start of the game for winning the game. Players can be individuals or in teams.

The game simulates the setting up and running of a trading company, where sales opportunities and cash flow must be maximised to enable growth. In addition to basic business principles, the game can be customised to convey a specific 'learning message', whether this be for a particular industry sector, a business value system, or to target a particular age group.

The business information guide (BIG) gives facilitators assistance in explaining common business topics whilst playing the Vantagepoint business game, promotes workshop discussion with students afterwards, highlighting all those business terms you really don't know much about or haven't heard of before!!

Whilst the guide is intended to assist the facilitator in identifying learning points from playing the Vantagepoint business game, it can also be used as a reference guide for the small business owner. The subjects covered are very diverse and give sufficient information to satisfy the immediate need, as well as reference points where you can find much more detail. For pricing information, email . 

The courses offered in conjunction with Vantagepoint include the following: 

  • Vantagepoint Facilitator Accreditation
    This two-week (elapsed time) course qualifies participants to facilitate the use of Vantagepoint in an educational environment. On completion of the course, you will be certified as a Vantagepoint Accredited Facilitator and utilised by Vantagepoint Business Games Limited (or one of its appointed distributors) to facilitate Vantagepoint courses for clients. Use our enquiry form to find out about registering for this course.
  • Vantagepoint Basic Entrepreneurship
    This intensive two-day course provides delegates with an experiential introduction to entrepreneurship, using the Vantagepoint business game. On completion of the course, delegates will have been exposed to:
    •  the basic approach to entrepreneurship, from idea generation through to running a business;
    • cash flow management, basic financial terms;
    • staff management;
    • sales process, pipeline versus orders;
    • running different businesses ( start-ups, existing businesses).
The course enables delegates to experience what entrepreneurship is all about, without risking their own hard-earned finances. 

  • Vantagepoint game sessions
    Game sessions are run at the client's request. In order to maximize the experience for participants, a half day (three hours) timeslot is advised.The format of the session covers the following:
    • Client meeting to confirm the brief at least one day before actual game session
    • Introduction to Vantagepoint and the facilitators
    • Set up of game and teams
    • Confirm game objectives with players
    • Play the game
    • De-brief of experiences and lessons
    • Agree and allocate responsibilities for next steps
Within two days of completion of the session, clients will be sent a documented overview of the session, covering the original brief outline and details as per the session format. 

To enquire about booking any of the Vantagepoint courses or a Game session, click on the link to go to the  (this form can also be accessed from the menu above). Alternatively, if you prefer to enquire by fax, click on the link to go to a printable enquiry form: . Please complete the form and fax to 0866 36 22 03.

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