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By: Vanilla Girl  11-11-2011
Keywords: Vanilla, Vanilla Powder

100% pure ground vanilla pods, including seeds and pod. Has a dry cocoa like consistency. Available in 40g glass jars, 100g packs and 1kg wholesale packs. Shelf life: 1-2 years in an airtight container.

Vanilla Girl vanilla powder is very versatile, it is a textured 100% natural product with a slightly bitter flavour. The coarse and fine particles make it wonderful in adding texture to biscuits, cake mixes, chocolate, batters and creams. Use 1-2 teaspoons.

It is fabulous for sifting when paired with icing sugar and dusted onto cakes and tarts.

Vanilla Girl vanilla powder can be used to create wonderful calming hot drinks. Add a teaspoon or two to a mug of hot milk add sugar to taste. It can be added to other hot drinks, add a teaspoon to your favorite hot chocolate, coffee or horlicks, it adds a whole new dimension!

It can be used in sauces for meat dishes and is wonderful with chilli. It softens the harshness and heat of fiery food.

Keywords: Vanilla, Vanilla Powder

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Vanilla Girl - Vanilla Pods

When using your vanilla pod to flavour cream or milk dishes place the pod and seeds into the saucepan while simmering, then remove the pod and rinse and either store back in your sugar or allow to dry slightly and store in an airtight container. Available in:•One pod, 2g packs•Three pod, 6g packs•Six pod, 12g packs•100g catering packs and 1kg wholesale packs•Shelf life: In vacuum packs shelf life is 2years.


Vanilla Girl - Vanilla Extract

Vanilla Girl extract is 100% natural, an extraction from the pods not to be confused with the artificial chemical flavouring you buy in the supermarket known as vanilla essence. Shelf Life is 5 years plus.Available in:•20ml medicinal bottle with dropper•50ml medicinal bottle with dropper•100ml catering bottle•1 liter wholesale.


Vanilla Girl - Vanilla Seeds

Vanilla Girl vanilla seeds are scraped from the vanilla pod and are slightly peppery in flavour as they do not contain the natural sugars that the outer pod contains. Use a knife tip amount and add to your favorite olive oil for marinades and dressings, the seeds will flavour and enhance the meat. Available in 28g glass jars, and 1kg wholesale vacuum packs. Shelf life: over 2 years.


Vanilla Girl - Vanilla Sugar - vanilla sugar

Sprinkle a layer on the bottom of your biscuit tin or tub and not only will it keep biscuits fresh but will add a wonderful aroma and taste to them. High quality castor sugar is infused over time with pure vanilla from the vanilla pod. Available in beautiful glass jars, the perfect twist to your tea or coffee. Vanilla Girl produces beautifully infused Vanilla Castor Sugar. Castor sugar infused with pure Vanilla Girl vanilla.


Vanilla Girl - Vanilla Powder - vanilla salad

This exciting new product is delicious drizzled over summer salads, awesome teamed with chicken and fish dishes - can be used as a marinade too, as well as on roasted veggies. This salad splash comprises Vanilla Girl Vanilla pod and seeds, extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar, fresh dill as well as dill and fennel seeds and a dash of sugar.


Vanilla Girl - Vanilla Sugar - vanilla syrup

Add a dash to a glass of soda, top with a squeeze of lemon and vodka. Drizzle over morning cereals and porridge instead of using sugar. Made with vanilla sugar, vanilla pods, ascorbic acid and glucose.