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By: Vag Technik  11-11-2011
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September 10, 2010   ·  

To all our muslim friends, we at VAG Technik would like to wish you and yours a Happy Eid.

April 15, 2010   ·  

VAG Technik will be participating in the upcoming DRAGWARS.  Feel free to join us on the day.

If you would like to participate, register online here:

Date : Sunday 23 May 2010

Time : Gates open at 6am, racing starts at 8am. Final race is at 6pm.
Venue : Tarlton Raceway ()
Entrance : R180 per competing car. Spectators free.
MSA : Is required, and can be bought , or at the track on the day.
Limit : 100 cars. First 100 cars to have paid, race.


  • VAG1 – 2.0T K03 (GTI’s, A3s, A4s etc)
  • VAG2 – K04 (Leon, Cupra and any other FWD car with k04 )
  • 1.8T (all 1.8T vag cars)
  • AWD (All 4wd cars)
  • 4NA (4cyl FWD NA cars)
  • 4FI – Big Turbos and other brands
  • ST (If more than 15 ST’s register)
  • 6A (6cyl rear wheel drive cars)
  • 6B (6cyl rear wheel drive turbo cars…ie 135…335 and the likes)
  • 8A (8cyl cars)
  • Open Class – cars with NOS, V10s and the likes


  • Ample grand stands for spectators, as well as grassy areas for chairs and umbrellas.
  • Food/Drinks will be on sale.
  • Medical staff on hand for racers and spectators.
  • Toilets next to track

There are event sponsors on they day showing off their products and cars. If you would like to also be a sponsor, please contact the vwGTIClub or Audi club.


Reference : EntryID-CarRegNumber

Bank : ABSA
Account number : 4063089459
Branch code : 632005
Payment confirmation : info [at]


  • Payment secures entry.
  • Based on the information you fill in on the registration form, we will decide which class you fall into.
  • Street legal cars only.
  • Cars will be scrutinized before racing.
  • Tyres : For the VAG1 and VAG2 classes, only standard tyres are allowed. For the rest of the classes any tyres are allowed.

October 27, 2009   ·  

Hi guys! On behalf of the Team, I would like to thank you for your support at the VW Club Jamboree. Without your support our success would not have been possible. To all the guys that received blank discs in their Select plus boxes, I have managed to download the software (74mb) and will cut it to disc for you to install on your PCs or Notebooks. We apologise for the inconvenience caused. To all the guys and girls that took the time out to come and say hi, thank you too.

Thank you for choosing Revo , go play!

July 2, 2009   ·  

Keywords: Cars

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VAG Technik offers owners of vehicles in the VAG Stable a peace of mind by providing affordable premium software to enhance the performance of your car. VAG Technik has opted to supply and install only Quality products that are well renown in the Aftermarket tuning industry across the World. Be it an Audi, VW or Seat, we provide extra power in a matter of minutes.


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For any customer purchasing full Revo software between today ‘November 26th 2010’ and December 31st 2010 we are offering a R1000 reduction from retail price exclusive of vat(WE don’t charge VAT but some of our dealers are VAT vendors). The resulting data allows us to control and modify our performance parts to not only perform better than anything else on the market, but to provide a continuity of durability and service.


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We reiterate that in order to secure your spot for the show special (SPS Device plus a 20% discount on a REVO Stage 1 tune), payment must be made no later than 19th April 2010. First up, a big thanks to all of you who have shown such a keen interest in REVO and, in particular, our featured promotion for the Castrol GP Xtreme Motor Show.


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This tuning reduces the torque transfer during normal highway driving, but will immediately engage the system if a wheel starts to slip to prevent decreased traction capabilitiesThis mode is recommended to be used when 4 wheel drive is not a high priority as in highway driving, Commuting etc.