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By: Usgn  11-11-2011
Keywords: Project Management, Online Project Management, Robust Project Management

ProductsToday, every business runs its applications and projects by using a collection of disparate tools -- scheduling, email, presentations, spreadsheets, ERP and CRM - all held together tenuously by people and meetings. Companies also keep most of their project information behind the corporate firewall, a practice that's truly impractical considering the fact that, in many cases, a large majority of the project team is not even comprised of company employees. This approach offers no automation or productivity improvement and is highly susceptible to "dropped balls".

USGN's online project management platform was conceptualized and built from the ground up to be a tightly integrated set of all the tools that are required to create online applications and manage projects. USGN's robust project management toolset allows customers to seize the opportunity of automating all of these tasks and tying them together with a database hosted outside of your company's firewall where it is accessible and collaborative.

In addition to seamless collaboration, the USGN platform key benefit is that it is highly adaptable to customers' processes - helping them exceed the productivity they gain by applying their own best practice models and procedures. This capability is critical because it allows customers to quickly transition their current processes into matching web-based processes and grow them in the future.

USGN's customers are the subject-matter experts. They already know what they want and need to integrate with their corporate workflows. This is what makes them successful. Our customers reject the notion of a one-system-fits-all software. They demand their own custom application that reflects their business processes and values.

Core USGN Software

  • Security
  • Infrastructure
  • ADP
  • Business Platforms (application-specific component and financial component)
  • Application-specific components
  • Real Estate and Due Diligence
  • Design and Construction
  • Facilities and Asset Management
  • Lease Administration and Location Management
  • Financial component
  • Hosted ASP Infrastructure - Collaborative product management module


With USGN, companies have used online project management to automate their business processes by creating customer-specific applications such as:

  • Online bidding
  • Document management
  • Task management
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting
  • Status reporting
  • Pipeline management
  • Reporting
  • Asset tracking


Real Estate
The Real Estate module includes all of the facets of the site selection and pipeline management process. First, prospective locations are tracked in the system by one or more characteristics such as address, Lat/Long, DMA or shopping center name. Prospects may be created internally or by an outside real estate team. USGN is seamlessly integrated with AnySite (MapInfo) for mapping, demographics and site analytics. Letters of intent and lease negotiations are tracked through the system as are all documents, drawings and initial project information. Committee packages are developed in the system and then routed or approval. Reports are generated to show the status and visual "pipeline" so that projects can be tracked against the corporate store development goals.

Due Diligence and Land-use
The due diligence process is supported on the USGN platform as each project moves beyond the site selection process. Entitlement processes, Planning and Zoning and pre-design are all tracked, documented and monitored through the system. Team meetings are tracked in the system along with deliverables, reminders and notifications. As geotechnical and civil engineers begin their drawings and submit to the client and municipality, each version of the drawings, specifications and reports are maintained from a historical standpoint.

Store Planning
When the store design process unfolds, there is coordination with the various in-house departments as well as the outside architects and engineers who manage the process professional consultants. USGN supports the documentation process and the distribution process of these drawings. Mark-ups tools allow redlines to be tracked while the entire team is notified and involved it the process. Project budgets and proformas are created in the system. Prototype plans and specifications are managed in the store planning environment. Equipment cut sheets are tracked and updated by vendors.

Architecture and Engineering
Since, in most cases, the architect and engineers are outside firms, online project management is the tool for communication and tracking tasks and deliverables. Drawing mark-up capabilities along with drawing management and version controls keep the contract documents organized during the development and permitting process.

Construction processes are probably the most complex part of developing a project and the methods vary from company to company because no two companies are alike and no two building programs are either. Built into the USGN platform is a powerful construction module that supports every construction process and methodology. Built-in components include Online Bidding, Online Printing, RFI's, Shop Drawings and Submittals, Drawing Manager, Online Invoice Processing, Change Management and Pay Applications.

Facilities and Maintenance
Facilities management is achieved through many work-flow components that support the maintenance process. Service requests, Work Orders, Vendor invoices, Call Center, Cost Management, Capital Expenditure Request, Preventative and Scheduled Maintenance.

Asset Management
Asset management works hand-in-hand with Facilities and Maintenance. Asset Management includes Equipment analysis, Asset Data Capture and Audit, Help Desk, Fixed Asset Accounting, Suppliers, Warrantees, Asset Depreciation and Bar Codes.

Lease Administration/ Location Management
Lease Administration focuses on the management of the facility after it has been built and is operational. All aspects of the facility are handled through USGN including Project and Lease Information, Lease Abstracts, Accounts Payable, Minimum Rent, CAM Auditing, Financial Performance and Analysis, Property Tax Tracking and Mitigation.

Purchasing is easily supported by USGN. Purchase orders with unique numbers are generated automatically buy the system. Purchase orders integrate with the entire project finance process. Reports and logs allow customers to track purchase orders in real time. Invoices are linked to the purchase orders so that a complete picture of what is committed and expended.

In House Systems and Company Management
Because of the advanced application development platform offered by USGN, our customers are able to build all kinds of powerful applications that manage non-project related aspects of the business like task management, communications, travel requests, time sheets and expense reports.

USGN has built in integrations with Microsoft Project, Crystal Reports and AnySite (MapInfo). USGN also integrates with Project Central.

SXI (Streaming XML Interface) was developed by USGN to facilitate seamless, real-time data transfer for pre-built or any custom application to virtually and corporate ERP or Finance application including:

Great Plains

The most powerful project management software not only needs to be flexible and customizable, but it needs to easily connect to corporate platforms. That is why we developed SXI. The best part is that this technology is built into the USGN platform so there are no additional costs that are common to most database integration projects.

Keywords: Online Project Management, Project Management, Robust Project Management