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By: Uptech  11-11-2011
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Tescom 3300 Range
10kVA to 300KVA 3-3 phase True on-line double conversion with isolation transformer -suitable for African power conditions.
Typical Application: Suitable for Industrial applications, large Networks and medical equipment.
Tower 3300 Range
10kVA to 40kVA 3-3 phase, digitally driven and power scalable.
Typical Application: Medical, Mining, Military, Data Center, Office block
Tower 1100 & 3100 Range
On-line – 5kVA to 20kVA 1-1 & 3-1 phase.
Typical Application: High Performance Servers, Medical, Instrumentation & Measuring Devices, Telecommunication Equipment, Electronic Process Control Systems - for single phase coupling.
Uptech Titan Range
On-line – 1kVA to 10kVA
Typical Application: Sensitive Network Environments, PBX’s, Instrumentation, Medical Equipment. Standard times: 10 minutes to several hours
Inverex Range
Home, Small office: 500 to 2000VA
Typical Application: Television, DVD player, PC’s, Lights ECT, Back-up time: 1 to 12 Hours.
Blazer Range
Line Interactive: 600VA to 2kVA
Typical Application: Single or multiple PC’s, Workstations, Ink jet printers, standby times: 10 to 30 minutes – load dependant.

How to Calculate VA:
VA = Volts x Amps. In South Africa, our Commercial Power Provider supplies a voltage of 220 to 240 -AC Volts depending on the region. You may use an average value of 230 Volts.
An amp is the value which indicates how much current a device draws from the utility power. The manufacturer usually provides this information either on the device itself or in the user manual in the specifications list. Some manufacturers will provide the VA rating itself or the value of the current. The amps can also be measured with an instrument known as a current clamp. How to convert Watts to VA.
Some devices will indicate power consumption in watts instead of VA. You can easily convert this value to VA with the following equation:
Watts = VA x 0.7

Keywords: Tower