Pure Sinewave Inverters | UPS Systems

By: Ups Systems  11-11-2011
Keywords: Battery Chargers

* Pure sinewave
* 1kVA – 13kVA
* Standard solar charge controller
* 12-24-48 volts
* Large built in battery chargers
* High efficiency design
* LCD panel
* Ideal for hybrid systems with generator
* Wall mounted

SH home inverter
Super Home UPS is an All-In-One user friendly UPS, easy to handle, suitable and compatible for almost all Home/Office applications (Linear and non-linear loads including Air Conditioners! )

Why use our Superhome units?

* Noise free
* Fully automatic operation
* Does not require petrol/diesel
* Does not produce fumes
* Seamless automatic transfer
* Easy installation
* Automatic recharging of batteries
* Very reliable, Modern Technology( Manufactured in Switzerland )
* Basically maintenance free
* Can work in conjunction with Solar and Fuel-Cells (Can be added later)
* Does not have to be installed on a groundfloor

Keywords: Battery Chargers