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By: Upbeat Marketing  11-11-2011

"It was indeed a great pleasure for us to be invited to this important event.  We are fully behind you in your efforts to present Africa's image positively to the rest of the world.. Lesotho says thank you."
- Mr. Peete Molapo, CEO - Lesotho National Development Corporation

"Stunning, sterling work you have done! Thank you for creating a platform to network with other African countries to find cooperation and synergies in the business space. One is of the view that the geo-political and socio-economic landscape with a seriously skewed gene-coefficient across the African continent despite Her (Africa) wealth must be challenged. Network sessions like yours provide space not only to dialogue but to create real business opportunities for the redistribution of wealth, at least in the SADC region and other regions and hopefully the rest of the continent. Such sessions help to broaden our scope of doing business, finding new markets, to “think outside the box” and not to be in-grown and suffocate in what sometimes is saturated domestic markets. The coordination, organizing of the event was great, speakers well prepared and your programme director was just excellent." 
– Ntuthuzelo Satsha, Safma Services

"..I feel that the results of the seminar are coming in." – Dr. Nicolau Sululo, Mozambique High Commission

“This was a wonderfully organised event and an excellent venue!”
– Atika Ombachi, Kenya High Commission

“Keep up the good job.” – Sylvia Mwago, Kenya Investment Authority

“Well organised event. Level of delegation very impressive.” – Thomas Mawasha, Johannesburg Fresh Produce Market

“Perfect event!!! Keep it up and do hope that you will organise more events of this nature.” – Mfundo Thango, Mpilende Foods (Pty) Ltd