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By: Untill South Africa  11-11-2011

Together with Beconet, specialists in bar control systems, unTill® developed a powerfull tool for full bar control.

The Multi-Beer dispenser is a unique piece of equipment which dispenses beer very accurate. The number of the dispensed beers will be registered by unTill®, loss and spillage will be noticed. The beer dispenser fits on every possible brewery console. The Beer dispenser will always pour the exact size of beer in 3 different sizes. Saves up to 20%.The new trend in wine dispensing is “Bag in Box” or barrels. The system saves, dispenses and registers. With the standard stainless steel dispensing tower you can dispense up to 5 different wines with each 2 portions.A professional cooler in combination with cooled tubes will keep
the wine on the right temperature. No oxygen comes in contact with the wine so the quality stays perfect.
An other benefit: No bottles anymore so reduction in size of waste, speed and efficiency - it can save you up to 20 %.The soft drink tower will be connected to the Beconet controller and will dispense the exact size of the soft drinks. Two sizes are possible, the drink will be poored and registered. Saving up to 10%.The registration of the number coffee cups is a must for everyone. You will get a clear view about the exact number which is sold. The coffee machine will be powered by an interface so it can be connected to the the computer and registration can be done by unTill®.The principal of the ABC System (All Bottle Control) is very simple. Every bottle will carry a coded pourer, this gets sealed for security reasons. When it is poured, unTill® will recognize the code en will distribute the right size of liquor and registers.7 codes are available, every code stands up for a price in combination with an amount (groups) - Minimum saving in between 25 and 35%.The Beconet Controller is the heart of the beverage control system.
The beverage controller will be connected to the beer-, soft drink- and liquor valves and dispenses the precise sizes. In combination with unTill®, you will be able to communicate in both direction.
It means that sizes and intervals can be send towards unTill® as well as unTill® can send them to the controller, you will be able to reconfigure the system from in your office.
unTill® will register the number of drinks and calculates the turnover per bar, location and/or waiter.

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