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By: Unison Communications  11-11-2011
Keywords: Software Support, Cost Management

Even our world leading software could not achieve maximum value if poorly implemented.  It is reported that only 28% of all ICT implementations are successful.  We take this process to the next level, ensuring that our customers never find themselves in the 'unfortunate 72%' because we are committed to a methodology that is proven to work, time and time again.  Through more than 27 years experience, we know what it takes to not just complete the job, but also to extablish a foundation for your long term value.

The Supportive services are broken down into 2 distinct areas:

This is the software support programme resulting from our many years of providing customers with the best product support in order to compliment their software investment, keeping clients up-to-date with software advances, technology and services.  Clients can choose the level of support they need ranging from general enquiries to on-site support.

Unison Campus is split up into 4 modules specifically designed to ensure optimum utilisation and understanding of the Galactrix Call Billing Application.  These modules include:

  • Technology administration principles
  • Directory management procedures
  • Cost reduction and cost management
  • 1st level technology support

Keywords: Cost Management, Software Support

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Taken from ITWeb, 7 October 2010 The common corporate practice of financing a portion of employee mobile communications spend through HR is costing companies time and money. On average, mobile rates are 50% more expensive than fixed-line rates, which leaves the South African taxpayer footing the bill for expensive mobile calls. Cheaper telecommunications costs do not result in long-term savings.


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This quickly deployed and highly cost effective solution delivers by enabling organisations to reduce and manage telephony expenditure throughout their complex environments without the need for excessive capital expenditure. Unison Communications' tailored Total Communications Management Solutions are highly attractive to any business needing to maximize cost reductions and implement effecitve voice infrastructures.