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By: Unisoft  11-11-2011

StarQuest develops and markets a family of connectivity products that allow users to access databases and administrators to replicate data whenever and wherever it is needed.

Company History

Originally founded as StarQuest Software, Inc. in 1992, the company was acquired by Level 8 Systems in 2000. In June 2002, the StarQuest product line returned home from Level 8 to StarQuest Ventures, Inc. StarQuest Ventures has continued to enhance the software to provide the most reliable, affordable, and high-performing database connectivity products in the marketplace.

Development Philosophy

StarQuest software is developed using open standards for optimized compatibility. StarQuest technology takes advantage of DRDA protocol standards and is compatible with any application or development tool that supports the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) interface standards. StarQuest realizes that organizations make significant investment in their hardware and software, and provides proven products that can evolve with the needs of the organization.


StarQuest products are appropriate for small businesses and large enterprises that need reliable database access. SQDR and SQDR Plus provide data replication to improve sharing data on a department level or throughout the enterprise. The design and architecture of StarQuest software allow it to operate in the diverse and global computing environments that are found today.


  • StarQuest's flagship product, , provides a robust, efficient and cost-effective connectivity solution for the enterprise. StarQuest products provide performance, ease of use, seamless connection, reliability, security, and open standards compatibility.
  • provides TCP/IP access to IBM databases
  • provides robust and efficient bi-directional snapshot (full refresh) replication of data between IBM DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL databases.
  • provides for incremental replication of data from IBM DB2 for iSeries and DB2 for UDB hosts.
  • provides access to AS/400 data and applications from UNIX-based workstations

Flexible is available for all StarQuest products.

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