By: Uniprop  11-11-2011


Between De Kelders and the Walker Bay Nature lies a pristine stretch of land that exudes enchantment with its diverse and combined arrays of natural beauty and astounding scenery. Snow-white beaches extend into eternity. Mountains shelter the land from coastal winds, while seemingly never-ending skies erupt into continual panoramas of color. Centuries ago, an ancient nomadic tribe, the Khoisan people, dwelt here. Living on the ocean’s treasures during the day, and withdrawing into the caves at night, their basic needs were fulfilled in this spectacular and serene setting.Now, centuries later, a select few investors have the unique opportunity to invest in the same land, Khoisan Bay. A limited number of beachside plots have recently been released for a new coastal residential development.Carefully planned to preserve and incorporate the surrounding endemic fynbos vegetation, milkwood forests, and abounding array of bird species and mammals, Khoisan Bay is set to become a distinctive Western Cape spot for investment, holiday and retirement. For lovers of nature, Khoisan Bay offers an unrivalled eco-experience: Walker Bay’s famous whales; an enormous variety of bird species, including penguins; more than 6000 species of Fynbos; a fine walking beach, stretching unobstructed for 12 kilometres right up to the mouth of the Hermanus lagoon; the evergreen mountains; the sparkling blue sea; the panoramic views and of course, a fully-fledged nature reserve right on their doorstep.A vast array of fresh fish and seafood will delight fishermen and seafood aficionados alike – from steenbras, blackfish, kabeljou, stumpnose and musselcracker to black and white mussels, periwinkles and crayfish. And for those who just want to kick back and relax – far from the hustle and bustle of city life – the exquisite natural setting of Khoisan Bay will provide a select few with the privilege of feeling their cares melt away in one of the most beautiful spots on planet Earth.