Unilam Pressings

By: Unilam  11-11-2011
Keywords: Steel, Laminations, Stators



The materials we use for our laminations are fully processed and varnished electrical steels conforming to the highest quality standards.

They are classified by their core losses at 1.5 Tesla, 50Hz with the normal range covering M310-50A to M800-65A
We also offer the equivalent American M grades like M27 and M45.
Thicknesses range from 0.35mm to 0.65mm.

Grades and thicknesses not normally stocked can easily be obtained from our existing suppliers. Material for non lamination pressings ranges from 1.0mm aluminium to 6.0mm hot rolled steel.


Laminations for:

  • Stators and rotors from 100mm to 1300mm diameter
  • Armatures
  • AC and DC traction motors
  • EI and UI transformer cores
  • DC pole pieces
  • Segmental stators and rotors
  • Automotive starter motors, alternators, windscreen wiper and fan blower motors
  • Large alternators and generators
  • High voltage transformer cores in grain oriented steel
  • HID ballasts for the lighting industry

Assembled stators and rotors

  • If required we can offer assembled stator and rotor core packs.

  • Stator assembly can be taken further to include, winding, vacuum
    impregnation, and electrical testing so that the stator is now completely ready to be put into your housing

  • Rotors can be diecast or copper barred and supplied with their matching shafts.

  • Pole pieces can be supplied as assembled, drilled and tapped units ready for winding or we can have the winding and varnishing done for you as well.

General Pressings

  • Roof truss nail plates
  • Round, square and rectangular anti-split nail plates for poles and planks
  • Full range of roof truss hangers, brackets and other accessories all in galvanised steel
  • Mining pre-stressed pit props
  • Flights for security doors
  • U-brackets for sliding gates.
  • Anti squeal shims for brake pads
  • Brake pad backing plates
  • Clips for brake pad location
  • Bread tins for the baking industry

Our extensive facilities and experience can be applied to produce stampings in a wide range of materials to any engineering specifications.

The tool room offers computer aided design facilities together with
computerised wire-cutting to produce tools and dies to either your or our specifications and a combined expertise that ensures products of the highest quality.

Keywords: Laminations, Stators, Steel