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By: Unify  11-11-2011
Keywords: Business Process, application development, Web Services

Powerful BPM based Rich Internet and SOA Business Applications

NXJ Enterprise offers powerful Business Process Management for Enterprise Application Development.

NXJ Enterprise covers the complete software lifecycle from Business Process Management to Application Maintenance

  • NXJ Enterprise has powerful Business Process Management that allows you to graphically design the process flow. Process work units can be assigned to roles to assign work units to specific groups in your organization. For example only Sales people can approve an incoming order. All application functionality to support roles is built into NXJ Enterprise and can be used without programming application code. Powerful admin tools let developers and managers view how many active processes there are and at what step these processes are currently at. The admin capabilities help mangement to improve execution of internal processes by finding and removing bottlenecks in the workflow.
  • NXJ Enterprise provides powerful configuration management to manage source code versions of your applications so you don't have to worry about losing any code or losing control of application versions in the maintenance phase of your projects.
  • Powerful SOA applications: NXJ Enterprise lets you create powerful SOA based applications that integrate with all your and your suppliers and customers backoffice systems like ERP, Financials, PPS and others. Enjoy SOA Plug and Play application development. NXJ Developer provides easy capabilities for creating Web Services and for consuming Web Services. NXJ Enterprise Wizards generate browser forms to provide Web Services forms automatically.
  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA) allow for easy effortless worldwide application deployment and usage. Just open the URL of the application in your browser and you are ready to go.
  • Extreme Rapid Application Development IDE: J2EE coding and deployment at lightning speed. NXJ Enterprise boosts your developers productivity by taking away the low-level programming for database access, Web Services creation and consumption and much more.

Keywords: application development, Business Applications, Business Process, Business Process Management, Configuration Management, Internet Applications, Process Management, Rapid Application Development, Web Services

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Unify | App Dev Tools

NXJ Enterprise covers the whole software development lifecycle from Business Process Management to Configuration Management and X-RAD application development for modern Rich Internet and SOA applications. Unify NXJ Developer is a powerful visual development tool for the rapid development of innovative Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications and powerful and flexible SOA applications.


Unify | Products

Unify’s Composer Application Migration solutions begin with the underlying philosophy of minimizing risk and disruption with significantly reduced time and cost. Our tools enable developers to build applications quicker than the competition resulting in decreased costs, reduced cycle times, and lower maintenance efforts.


Unify | ACCELL

ACCELL/IDS - Powerful 4GL-based rapid application development software for the cost-effective development of character based applications for the Unify DataServer ELS database. ACCELL/SQL - Powerful 4GL-based rapid application development software for the cost-effective development of character-based client/server applications. ACCELL/SQL utilizes native optimized connectivity for Unify, Oracle, Sybase and Informix databases.


Unify | NXJ Developer

Unify NXJ Developer is a powerful visual development tool for the rapid development of innovative Web 2.0 Rich Internet Applications and SOA applications. The SOA support in NXJ Developer allows you to quickly leverage the power and flexibility of SOA applications for your enterprise applications. Jumpstart Developer Package includes everything from IDE, JBOSS application server, Source and Version Control and a database.



The combination of Team Developer 6.0’s front end productivity and ability to target multiple platforms by simply recompiling the application enables .NET applications to be delivered at the speed required by the business. Team Developer 6.0 delivers breakthrough speed and efficiencies in development productivity and performance, deployment to the Microsoft .NET framework, and building hosted applications in the cloud.


Unify | VISION

Unify has recognized that a total solution must address two prime issues: Delivery of integrated, scalable, reliable, and manageable applications; and the rapid creation of components that make up these applications. Since business components can be easily modified and are independent of underlying changes in the technology infrastructure, applications can be delivered today yielding business benefits for years to come.