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By: Ulwazi  11-11-2011
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Computer Cleaning Kit

Cleaning kit comprising of a dusting brush , a 50ml anti-static cleaning solution, 8 Dustex CPU filters, 2 cleaning cloths, a cleaning chamois and keyboard buds sufficient for one PC.

Anti-Static Cleaning Solutions

Most countries experience a dry time of year, when the slightest movement can produce a ZAP in the air. People, just moving around, can generate in excess of 25,000-50,000 volts

Computer Cabinet Enclosures

Computers running processes and in an Industrial environment need some form of protection against dust and chemicals. Breakdowns are frequent due to dust and an abrasive environment, especially on factory floors. These positive laminar flow computer cabinets are the answer. The cabinets are custom built to your PC and printer dimensions. On each cabinet Dustex filters are standard. These filter air entering the cabinet keeping PC's, printers and sensitive electronics dust free and trouble free for years.

Cleaning Swabs

Lint free, dual tipped swabs for cleaning in all those hard to get areas. Perfect for cleaning computer keyboards fax machines, inkjet and laser printers

Printer Cabinets

printer enclosures keep printer heads dust free and have filters on the side that are easily changed.

Screen and Laptop Cleaning Wipes

Lint free, non-abrasive poly-cellulose wiper moistened with an effective mixture of de-ionized water, isopropyl alcohol, anti-stat and fragrance

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