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By: Ugrow  11-11-2011

You fed up or frustrated by your current web designer . ?

These things happen, human nature. Not to worry I am more than happy to analyse what they have done and if all is in order I will take the project over and complete or fix what is wrong.

Have a programmer!

I can provide a standalone interface design service and communicate directly with your programmer.

I build the following type of websites:

  • Micro, one pager
  • Static
  • Dynamic/CMS
  • Ecommerce/shopping cart
  • Photo gallery
  • Product showcase
  • Custom CMS and business system
  • Flash

My online marketing service offering comprises of complete or integrated campaigns covering micro sites, website, social media and Ppc/Adwords or just one of the various elements.

How do I become number one on search engines?

I get asked this allot, and the simple answer is PPc/Adwords. This is where you bid on Google and other search engines to be number one – or close to number one .. becoming number one is never guaranteed!!!

However the long answer is “content is king”!!!
Relevant well presented and written copy is key to your online success.

Another MAJOR factor is having a well built website, If you have a trashy or rubbish looking and built site – what’s the point of having one at all.

Website load speed

This all comes down to how well optimized and built the site is and very importantly where it is hosted!

I provide the following online marketing:

  • Newsletters
  • Micro sites
  • Landing pages
  • Banners - flash - gif - jpeg
  • social media pages (facebook ect)
  • PPc/Adwords