Tyresense - System Hardware - Receiver

By: Tyresense  11-11-2011

The TyreSense receiver is a reliable purpose-built proprietary unit that is low maintenance.  This design eliminates the risk of malware and other malicious attacks.  Long boot cycles are also eliminated.

  • Compact design allows for easy installation in the tightest locations.
  • Operates on 12 or 24 volt systems, flexible input voltages, reverse protection and rugged design allows for easy and worry free installation.
  • Standard wireless Class One Bluetooth for wireless communications to TyreSense handheld, cellular phones or TyreSense server.
  • Ethernet port for network or interface connection.
  • Two serial ports for interface connection.
  • Built-in GPS
  • USB  port for PC Connection
  • Built-in flash memory for data logging
  • Firmware updateable as features are added
  • Optional cellular module for internet-network access if wireless network is not available on your site.
  • Programmable alert relay switch that will open or close when 2nd alert occurs.
  • System clock to ensure data is matched to the correct time and date.

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Tyresense - System Software - Data Log Viewer

Pressure-temperature data is charted compared to your alert settings, making it quick to pinpoint problems. The data log viewer presents your tire data in charts and graphs to make it simple to pinpoint problems. The viewer generates Excel report summaries for making daily, weekly or monthly comparisons.


Tyresense - System Hardware - Handheld

The Archer is supplied with the TyreSense software already installed and is the only handheld device fully supported by TyreSense. The device is modified with a Class 1 Bluetooth radio that allows wireless communication over a distance exceeding 500 meters. The TyreSense handheld is a rugged Archer field PC running on the window mobile platform. All configuration settings can be changed or modified from the handheld.