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By: Twokats  11-11-2011

Paul discussed how he and his wife and business partner Tracy Foulkes – the demure  cook behind the business – built the international brand from scratch. I personally think the products are PR tools themselves because they’re just delicious and irresistible. It’s simple, seemingly meaningless statements like the one I just made, that have been instrumental to NoMu’s PR success.

Get the cool kids talking and you’re halfway there. Paul emphasised the power of social networks and local bloggers in forging a dialogue, interaction, and even a community around the product. More importantly, NoMu does this with integrity. Give bloggers a valid reason to write about your product instead of just shamelessly shoving the product in their readers’ faces. I think that once any brand’s integrity is intact there really is little room for failure.

The other thing that appeals to me is the fact that the brand is personal. You can read recipes written by Tracy herself, view pictures of their lives, and interact with Paul on a range of platforms. While the company has expanded to 24 employees and 38 countries, they haven’t neglected that all-important personal touch. I’m sure many of their loyal customers will agree with me that that is one of the brand’s main selling points. I did mention the yummy products, right?

The most poignant point Paul conveyed was “If you’re not breaking through the clutter you’re adding to it”, which is a mantra local and global brands should embrace. Doing this calls for innovation, creativity, and breaking boundaries. I was indeed inspired by this idea and I hope you will be too, because Paul also emphasised the fact that South Africa is alive with possibility. Go ahead and break through that clutter.

This is a guest post by Jehan Latief.

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