By: Tvm Software  11-11-2011
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CreditPlus consists of a software framework into which we plug a custom solution tailored exactly to your needs.  Many of these solutions are quick to produce as we start with a series of templates designed for certain financial products like leasing, loans, revolving credit and insurance.   Each solution will normally provide a range of services including customer acquisition and marketing, application processing and evaluation, contract creation, collections, arrears management, settlements, maturities and salvage.  However, you may choose to use our software for only part of your business and we have, for example, customers who us our software for application and evaluation and integrate the results with their existing back office software.  

Zero administration browser interface.

Our software is accessed via a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.  It does not require any software on the client computer.  This means you can deploy it quickly with no administration overhead. 

Multiple commerce channels.

Commerce channels allow you to extract business from a market place.  We have designed more than 16 different channels for our clients.  These range from simple in-house pages for debenture prospects to complex channels linking databases through web services.  The key to successful channels is user friendliness and we believe in designing the channel in accordance with the natural process you conduct the task in. 

Maintain your corporate image.

Our software can be quickly adapted to suit your corporate image. 

Sophisticated application processing and scoring.

We can customise application screens to suit your unique requirements and branding.  We assemble your application screens using a toolkit of common application components that exist in our framework.  CreditPlus boasts one of the most sophisticated credit decisioning systems available. Tried and tested since 2000, the engine has been responsible for lending decisioning on more than 350 000 loan applications.  We designed our scoring system to ensure that if you wish to revisit the original decision on a loan, the original scorecard is available for viewing.  You can reconfigure scorecards easily.   Our decision engine provides efficiency and accuracy.  Using a combination of security levels and queuing, applications can be processed by specialised data entry staff, queued immediately to a lender, escalated to a credit manager and then re-queued on the referral agent’s screen to have them complete the loan agreement.

Faster turnaround with automated credit references.

We can reduce unnecessary costs by pre scoring an application prior to a credit check.  Our technology makes it easy for us to introduce new types of credit checks and external information sources.   In New Zealand, we are proud to have been the first company to design and deploy a client side user interface for Baycorp.

Improved customer and risk management.

Our customer centric design ensures that all entities are defined as a customer.   This may include entities such as customers, staff, originators and insurers.  As each of these entities may assume different and multiple roles we define role based relationships between accounts and customers.   Examples of roles could be investor, borrower, joint borrower, guarantor etc.






Reduce bad debt with arrears management tools.

Our arrears management system operates as a stand-alone system or as in integrated component of CreditPlus.  We provide your arrears team with a wide range of tools to track and manage accounts to rehabilitation, or write off and recovery.  As soon as an account falls into arrears, we enrol it in the arrears component and assign it to a pool and arrears officer based on your rules.   We then present each officer with a prioritised list of accounts to work.  Working the account will involve recording notes, tasks, generating a wide range of user-defined letters and recording promises to pay.  We remove the account from the queue when you record a promise to pay, however, we will continue to monitor that your customer complies with the promise to pay.   Non-compliance will result in a broken promise and the account will reappear in your queues.  As the severity of the case changes, the account may pass through a number of queues and officers according to your rules.  You can override the default behaviour and move an account to a specific pool, category or officer.  Throughout this process, we provide you with a view of the workload and performance of your collections staff.  When all else fails and an account is written off we transfer it to our salvage component where we provide the same facilities as a normal arrears account with different treatment for accounting purposes.

Professional quality document production.

With our software developed using Microsoft.NET you can expect seamless integration with a range of Microsoft tools.  Our document production software allows you to design your customer correspondence using Microsoft Word.   We create documents such as simple marketing letters to complex loan agreements by merging CreditPlus information with your document templates.  You can also download any view or query from CreditPlus directly into Microsoft Excel.

Document Imaging.

External documents such as loan agreements can be scanned and indexed.  Your staff will have on line access to all documentation improving your customer responsiveness.  Our document management components allow you to track and trace the location of original documents.

Choose from a wide range of reporting and analysis tools.

We provide a series of standard reports for each industry segment.  You can also develop your own reports using a wide range of reporting tools.  You may also want to use the data warehousing facilities provided by SQL Server. 

Automated bank reconciliation.

Uploading your bank statements into our software will allow you to use our sophisticated matching engines to assist you in allocating entries.   Our software supports any number of suspense accounts and provides full traceability of bank statement entries. 

General Ledger Integration.

We create detailed accounting transactions that can then be summarised and uploaded to your general ledger on a single or multiple cost centre basis.  We provide your accounting staff with a series of reports and enquiries to control and manage the accounting process.   We have developed interfaces to a number of accounting packages and this is normally a relatively simple process.

Keywords: loan