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By: Tuxsoft  11-11-2011
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About TuxSoft

TuxSoft is committed to creating quality software that runs on Windows™ and Linux™. We have a range of ready to run applications and offer custom software development for desktop and embedded systems.

VetTux has been developed and perfected to suit typical veterinary practices. Its easy, and fast to use, does not assume you or your reception staff are computer literate or require fancy certifications. In short VetTux veterinary software shows how computers can be used to enhance business whether you use Linux™ and/or Windows™, and without any hidden costs as you grow.

TuxDiner is a point of sale and table management application for restaurants, that is supported on both Linux™ and Windows™. Support for touch screen interface makes it easy for staff to manage orders and common operations.

TuxShop is a modern point of sale and retail management application, that is supported on both Windows™, and Linux™. It is feature packed with stock control and a range of reports, yet still manages to provide an interface that is simpler than a cash register to operate. Support for barcode scanning, touch screen interface, and flexible product searching, make TuxShop a solution for a vast array of business types.

MediTux has been developed to provide practices with an effective solution. Its easy, and fast to use, does not assume you or your reception staff are computer literate or require fancy certifications. MediTux is targeted at homeopaths and alternate medical treatment practices, as well as child and baby clinics.

Referral Rewards

We reward you for referrals, for each client that you refer to us who purchases or leases a TuxSoft product, we will discount your support or lease by 10%. So by referring only 10 new clients you can get free support !

Choice of Operating System

Your choice of operating system should depend on the resources and skills that you have available. It is likely that if you have Linux resources and skills at your disposal you would choose Linux as you will know all the benefits that Linux has to offer.If you do not have Linux skills at your disposal then your choice will most likely be Windows, because its common, windows hackers are a dime a dozen, but be aware you should only choose competent people to assist with your IT needs. Hardwre is often easier to get running with Windows.

Free License

Our products are free to all non-profit organisations, in addition we will include one years free support. Donations and postcards are most welcome !

Turnkey Solutions

Have you considered outsourcing your project to us ? We provide extremely competitive prices.We also have extensive expertise in embedded systems, and data analysis from mechanical structures such as motor vehicles, and trains.

Keywords: Computer Literate, Custom Software, Custom Software Development, Linux, point of sale, Software Development, Touch Screen, Veterinary Software

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TuxShopPro .deb problem new build now available for download.md5 - f27cdbe9e7036dbea26b29148bb17386 - TuxShopPro-1.9.isomd5 - ec5a126c8801317fabfe1ec89851d86c - TuxShopPro-1.9-i386.deb. Automatic batch and expiry field discovery, dispense item remark association with template queries and default values, and multiple label printing option.


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Even if you do not intend to connect your server to the internet there are a number of good reasons to run an internal intranet server within your business. Using Samba and Linux we can replace your Microsoft file server with a more cost effective solution. TuxSoft has extensive Linux™ and Windows™ skills.