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By: Tuxsoft  11-11-2011
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TuxSoft is committed to creating quality software solutions that run on both Windows™ and Linux™.


1 Apri 2011

Price increases.. Prices have been increased by 7%.This is a the first increase since 2009 !

12 Jan 2011

TuxShop 2.9 has been released, all users are urged to upgrade.

3 April 2010

VetTux 4.9 has been released, all users are urged to upgrade. New features include Barcode label printing.

28 Feb 2010

TuxShop 2.8 has been released, all users are urged to upgrade. In addition to simplify support on multiple Linux distributions we now release our products as a self-installing bundle. Simply execute the .run package as root or via sudo.

16 November 2009

VetTux 4.8 Released, This is a minor bug fix release fixing multple copies on slip pinters under Windows, and enabling the Purge client option.

2 July 2009

VetTux 4.7 has been released, All users are encouraged to upgrade.

22 March 2009

VetTux 4.6 has been released. This fixes potential problems with backups, all users are encouraged to upgrade.

1 January 2009

Price increases.. there are no increases to our international prices, however South African prices have been increased by 7%.This is a lot lower than many industries, for example Discovery health is 12.8%, and Kimberley Clark has anounced a price increase effective 1 February 2009 Increases are between 10 & 30%.

19 December 2008

We wish all of our loyal clients and friends a peacefull festive season, may the grace of God bless you all with something to smile about.

26 September 2008

TuxDiner 1.0 has been released. If you are looking for an affordable and easy to use system for your restaurant or bar why not give TuxDiner a try.

12 Aug 2008

TuxShop 2.7 has been released. This release incudes a number of feature enhancements as well as bug fixes.VetTux 4.5 has been released. .VetTux 4.5 will be the last version in the current series based on Qt3 technology. The next release will be VetTux 5.0 and based on Qt4 technology.

3 May 2008

TuxShop 2.6 has been released. This fixes bug with numbers > 1000. There is now also an optional Semper interface available.

19 April 2008

TuxShop 2.5 has been released. .

11 Jan 2008

VetTux 4.4 has been released. Forms now recorded in document history, schedule restrictions on receive stock, sales commission for goods, Auto Procedure price list, and bug fixes.

4 August 2007

VetTux 4.3 has been released. Automatic batch and expiry field discovery, dispense item remark association with template queries and default values, and multiple label printing option.

12 July 2007

TuxShop 2.2 released. With more improvements to make the running of your business easier, Renewals, Returns, sorting of departments and inventory, and better templates.

23 June 2007

VetTux 4.1 updated. This released includes .deb and x86_64 distributions

6 June 2007

VetTux 4.1 has been released,

31 May 2007

TuxShop 2.1 has been released. Many enhancements have been made that streamline the day to day operation of TuxShop .

30 April 2007

TuxShop 2.0 has been released. Thank you to all the people who provided feedback and suggestions during the pre-release phase.

18 April 2007

VetTux 4.0 released.

12 April 2007

Pre release versions of our software are now available for download, if you like to be on the cutting edge, give them a try.

24 March

VetTux 3.9 released, now with MySQL 5 support,

2 March 2007

TuxShopPro .deb problem new build now available for download.md5 - f27cdbe9e7036dbea26b29148bb17386 - TuxShopPro-1.9.iso
md5 - ec5a126c8801317fabfe1ec89851d86c - TuxShopPro-1.9-i386.deb

24 Feb 2007

VetTux 3.8 released. Fixed a bug where schedule limits were not been honoured in dispense. Improved abuse resistance in dispense module.

17 Feb 2007

VetTux 3.7 released. Speed improvements, Report enhancements, Usability features, a few bug fixes, and more.

11 Feb 2007

TuxShopPro 1.9 released. Can now be used with resolutions as low as 800x600.

10 Feb 2007

TuxShopPro 1.8 released. Now with touch screen interface and department support.

4 Nov 2006

Ubuntu .deb package, and x86_64 RPM added. Download of components once again

22 Oct 2006

VetTux 3.6 released. Post operative care forms added, Batch and expiry fields added to Medications and Goods.

10 Sep 2006

VetTux 3.5 has been released. Cash-Up supports no printing, its now possible to print, process or email the documents.

20 Aug 2006

VetTux 3.4 has been released. Added patient search on breed and/or colour.

9 April 2006

VetTux 3.3 has been released. Added Epson pole display support, enhanced stock control, and fixed a bug in the drug audit trail.

29 Jan 2006

TuxShop 1.7 has been released. More security options, bug fixes with pole display and tax values in reports. A new search facility in merchandise management.

8 Jan 2006

VetTux 3.1 has been released. Problems with stock and drug trails have been fixed.TuxShop 1.6 has been release. Many improvements and support for both Inclusive and Exclusive tax modes.

Keywords: Software Solutions

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TuxSoft - Products

Support for touch screen interface makes it easy for staff to manage orders and common operations.TuxShop is a modern point of sale and retail management application, that is supported on both Windows™, and Linux™. We have a range of ready to run applications and offer custom software development for desktop and embedded systems.VetTux has been developed and perfected to suit typical veterinary practices.


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Even if you do not intend to connect your server to the internet there are a number of good reasons to run an internal intranet server within your business. Using Samba and Linux we can replace your Microsoft file server with a more cost effective solution. TuxSoft has extensive Linux™ and Windows™ skills.