By: Tutuka.com  11-11-2011
Keywords: gift vouchers

1. It…just…works:

VoucherEngine is a tried and tested system that is used by several leading South African Shopping Centres, Retailers, Corporates and the State.

2. Reduced costs:

Whether they use paper or card vouchers, with VoucherEngine automated and immediate reconciliations are produced thus reducing the need for any admin staff. This also cuts processing time by 90%. Accounting time is reduced as payments can be made against reconciliations and not from counting vouchers.

3. No upfront costs:

To set up VoucherEngine there is no upfront costs. Tutuka ensures that all your costs are known in advance so there are "No Surprises!"

4. Automatic Customer Database:

VoucherEngine allows for a customer database as the customers details are captured when a voucher is sold.

5. Eliminates Risk:

Shopping malls and Retailers have moved towards the use of Gift Vouchers. Gift Vouchers eliminate the risk of fraud as well as providing the ultimate customer service.

6. Takes care of everything:

A company can issue vouchers for many reasons. In all cases there is plenty form filling and time wasted administrating the system. Companies are unsure whether vouchers are used, unsure whether payment is received, or that the vouchers have been used correctly. VoucherEngine is designed to control all your voucher system needs so the company can focus on its core business.

7. Integrates with your system:

Tutuka will work with your point of sale (POS) provider to integrate VoucherEngine into your existing system.

8. Ultimate Service:

Tutuka provides a host of inclusive services to our customers. We provide training to users of VoucherEngine which includes graphic based training material and on site training in stores.
Our support services are legendary. There is a support line form 9am-11pm, 7 days a week.

9. Can be accessed from anywhere:

VoucherEngine is a web based application that can be accessed by our customers (with a login); from an internet point. This means that any remote user can have access to the system and that no extra installations are required.

10. Continually Improving:

At Tutuka we are constantly working to improve our product for our customers. We offer free upgrades to all our customers. This means that you’re not just getting VoucherEngine as it is today; you’re getting all the improvements.

Keywords: gift vouchers