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By: Tshipi Noto  11-11-2011
Keywords: Funeral Service, Telephone Line

VALUE BENEFITS FOR YOUR FUNERAL COVER The choice wide range of funeral packages has been specially designed to suit the customer's needs with affordable premiums contributed on a monthly basis.  Tshipi-Noto Funeral Home offers different cover levels and waiting periods do apply.  These covers provides you with exceptional benefits that offer economical means of bereaving your loved ones in times of the untimely death.  Claims are processed and a cash pay out is offered before the day of bereavement; a great transformation of what would have been just any other funeral to the best funeral service fit for a “king”. NO MAN IS AN ISLAND

The proudly team of Tshipi-Noto Funeral Home has since managed to gather all our clients into one big large family.  THE LAST RESPECT GIVEN TO THE LOSS OF THE LOVED ONE Furthermore we have our 24hour telephone line assistance that eases the tention yet assisting you with immediate response.  We have funeral preparations that humble the mood and gives hope of that the ones who are no more are at peace and have met with their Savior. GIVING BACK TO THE COMMUNITY

Tshipi-Noto Funeral Home's team has been able to Sponsor those in need such as Schools, Foot ball teams, Old age homes, Churches  and other more needy organizations.  We extend our helping hand to those in need. 
“Together we can make it”

Keywords: Funeral Service, Telephone Line