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By: Trustgro  11-11-2011
Keywords: Residential Developments, Residential Development, Sound Business Principles

Since the launch of the first Trustgro residential development during 1992, the company has developed into one of the most recognised providers of entry-level, bonded residential units to the Gauteng market.

Residential developments completed to the end of 2009 represents a total monetary value of approximately R 4,45 billion (11,000 residential units).

Our Service

Trustgro offers a comprehensive service to the first-time homebuyers' market.

This service includes:

  • Acquisition of land earmarked for residential development;
  • Township establishment, including installation of services and proclamation;
  • Off-plan selling of building packages, which includes the proclaimed stand;
  • Assistance to clients in obtaining building finance (building loans);
  • Management of the process leading to registration of building loans and transfer of property;
  • Construction of residential unit up to occupation;
  • Attending to retention work and after-sale service.

Notes to our service:

  • Constructino function - Our strategic approach has resulted in the total outsourcing of the construction function. This approach allows exceptional flexibility in terms of construction volumes.
  • Township Development function - Close associations with established land (township) developers were entered into - this strategy with the objective of risk management and in support of our dedicated marketing focus as generator of business.
  • Marketing function - Our dedicated marketing department is supported and complimented by independent marketing companies.

Our Vision

To contribute to community development as affordable housing provider of choice.

Corporate Mission

The efficient delivery of superior, entry-level residential developments to the South African market, including our commitment to effect and sustain a positive contribution to the development of communities we are serving, is at the centre of our raison d'etre at Trustgro.

Affordability and quality of residential units, the siting of projects close to places of work and a healthy community atmosphere are essential to our strategic approach to meet human needs.

Trustgro endorses the following principal values:

  • Client satisfaction as a prerequisite for long-term sound business;
  • Sound business principles as a guideline for every decision made in/by Trustgro;
  • Respect and trust;
  • Recognition of the family as the core of any society.

Principle Goal

Marketing and operational efficiency.


The affordable residential market has grown rapidly over the past twenty years. This growth is mainly attributable to an inadequate supply by the market.

Our target market constitutes all formally employed first-time homebuyers in the Gauteng Province, eligible for building loan/mortgage finance (in accordance with financial institution lending criteria).

Keywords: Residential Development, Residential Developments, Residential Units, Sound Business Principles