Truffles of Africa

By: Truffles Of Africa  11-11-2011
Keywords: Farmer, Plantation, Truffles

Truffles of Africa offers a range of services to support the farmer to produce the maximum number of top quality truffles for the local and export market. The support is available throughout the production cycle and can be accessed as the farmer requires it. Our support services are derived from high quality on-going laboratory research and field trials and are designed to assist the farmer practically to reduce risks associated with truffle production and to maximise production of quality truffles.

Truffles of Africa
  • Produces and sells saplings inoculated with the Tuber melanosporum truffle fungus
  • Provides free electronic or telephonic advice to purchasers of trees on:
    • site suitability and selection
    • soil analysis and correction
    • plantation design
    • irrigation design
    • land preparation
    • planting advice
    • agronomic advice right through until production commences
  • Undertakes advisory site visits after planting on a fee-for-service basis
  • Provides advice on how to harvest truffles, including the training of dogs, or to access truffle harvesting services
  • Will purchase truffles produced by farmers
  • Markets and exports truffles
We can tailor any of these services to your particular requirements, so talk to us about what you need.

What the farmer does

The truffle farmer has an important role in our joint endeavour to grow the black truffle in South Africa. This includes all or some of the following:

  • To check that the site is in the correct climatic range for truffles
  • To test and correct soils on the plantation site
  • To prepare land for planting the truffle saplings
  • To plant the saplings
  • To provide irrigation infrastructure and fencing, if these are not already available
  • To manage the plantation by irrigating, pruning, fertilising and weeding as necessary
  • To harvest truffles

Keywords: Black Truffle, Farmer, Plantation, Truffles