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By: Truco  11-11-2011
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Hoses (Mining hoses and industrial hoses) are manufactured by Truco, a leading South African supplier and distributor, for the mining and industrial markets. Hoses can be manufactured from PVC, rubber, as well as materials. Truco also supplies various including floatation systems for hoses, hose bends, wear detectors, split flange couplings, and . Truco hoses are all engineered and manufactured with high quality and high standard and . For more information on how to select the right hose for your requirements and how our hoses are constructed, please visit our .

Truco distributes hoses nationally with offices in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

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Hose Supply Options

Truco’s increase the versatility and effectiveness of hoses even more, making them applicable to more situations and even more cost-effective to run.Construction options for Truco’s hoses include reinforced, coiled, corrugated or convoluted, articulated, and multi-element designs. Reinforced hoses are constructed with textile braid, wire braid, wire helix, or many other designs in ply or layer configurations. This allows for better pressure resistance with hoses that are used in heavy industries.

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Which Hoses are you looking for?

Truco Air Hoses are used in pneumatic machine tools and general compressed air applications. Air Hoses are also suitable for discharge of water and liquid foodstuffs.

Truco Water Hoses are used for suction and discharge of domestic water, industrial water, effluents, slurry and liquid manure.

Truco Gas and welding Hoses are used for welding gas supply and LPG supply.

Truco Fire Hoses are used in water discharge applications in fire brigades and industry.

Truco Oil Hoses are designed for high pressure transfer of petroleum products, and low pressure hydraulic drives and oil return. Oil Hoses are also used for the suction and discharge of petrochemical and oil products with 50% aromatic content.

Truco Chemical Hoses are used for suction and discharge of corrosive chemicals, as well as pressure service line for benzene, ester, ketone, toluene, lacquer, varnish, xylene – and alcohol-based paints, and various chemicals.

Truco Food and Beverage Hoses are used for milk handling tankers and equipment, liquid foodstuffs such as wine , beer, cider, fruit juice, drinking water, etc.
Truco Abrasive Material Hoses are used for cleaning and shot-blasting casting, metal, stone and concrete surfaces. These Hoses can also be used for spraying of wet mortar, mixed concrete, and pneumatic suction or discharge of abrasive materials.

Truco Bunkering Hoses are specially designed hose for the suction and discharge of mud and petroleum products with an aromatic content of up to 50%. Bunkering hoses offer a long service life and can withstand tensile stress of up to 4 tonnes.
Truco Drill Rig Hoses are especially suited for discharge and suction applications; this hard-wall hose is oil, abrasion, acid and alkali resistant. Drill rig hoses can be used in oil fields, construction, mining and high performance applications.
Truco Ducting Hoses are used to blow or exhaust air fumes, dust or light materials in low pressure applications. The hose is light weight, highly flexible and resistant to acids and alkalis.
Truco Fish Pump Hoses are used for pumping fish, like sardines and pilchards, in fish farms and fish processing factories. This soft-wall hose is light-weight and features an abrasive-resistant inner liner. It also has a UV-resistant neoprene outer cover and can be coiled for easy storage.
Truco Monitor Gun Hoses are designed specially to handle high pressures, as well as stand-up to harsh working environments. The high-strain polyester filaments allow the hose to operate at the required working pressures and handle shock loads.
Truco Shaft Sinking Hoses are textile-reinforced soft-wall hose used to convey air from above-ground compressors to air tools at the base of the shaft. Truco has designed the shaft sinking hose with built-in support cables in order to minimise the risk of injury to workers.
Truco Concrete Placement Hoses are designed and manufactured to be used with the most abrasive materials from sand, shot, dry cement, gravel, seeds, lime, animal feed, or even mild chemicals, agricultural sprays, and hot air.

Truco can supply and distribute hoses nationally from our registered offices in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Cape Town and Durban.

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Other products and services from Truco


Rubber Compensators / Bellows

Fitted to bellow assemblies in order to control the expansion and contraction of the unit by Limiting the travel of the flanges up and down the rod by means of adjustable nuts and lock-nuts. Recommended for use where bellow expansion is caused by pressure, there is insufficient or no pipe supports and pipe anchors, there is excessive thermal expansion.


Rubber and Metal Adhesives | Bonding Adhesives

A primer used for bonding a wide variety of vulcanised and unvulcanised rubber compounds to metals and other rigid substrates. Two-part bonding process for rubber to metal, rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric and fabric to fabric applications. Factors to consider when selecting the right bonding agent or rubber adhesive for your requirements. Rubber adhesives supplied and manufactured by Truco are of high strength and exceptional quality.


Conveyor Belting | Conveyor Belting Accessories

Our stock range varies from a class 250/2 ply up to a class 1250/4 ply with top and bottom cover thickness varying from as low 1.6 x 1.6mm and as high as 8.0 x 3.0mm and widths from 300mm up to 1500mm wide. Truco stocks and distributes a comprehensive range of high-grade, cost-effective industrial textile and steel reinforced rubber conveyor belting – suitable for industrial and mining applications.


Truco - Hose Fittings

Made from a high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, the Truco Reusable split flange coupling consists of two halves with an internal helix, which correspond to the spiral on the outside of the rubber hose. Truco manufactures a variety of hoses with custom-made end fittings, such as the unique Truco reusable split flange couplings for pulp and slurry hoses.


Flanges | Truco

The flanges are available in the most popular sizes and drillings on an ex-stock basis. Truco stocks a range of flanges that complement the rest of its offering.