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By: Truco  11-11-2011


Truco stocks a range of flanges that complement the rest of its offering. The flanges are available in the most popular sizes and drillings on an ex-stock basis.

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Drillings are available in:

  • SANS 1123 1000/3
  • BS 4504 10/3
  • BS 10 Table D

Other products and services from Truco


Rubber Compensators / Bellows

Fitted to bellow assemblies in order to control the expansion and contraction of the unit by Limiting the travel of the flanges up and down the rod by means of adjustable nuts and lock-nuts. Recommended for use where bellow expansion is caused by pressure, there is insufficient or no pipe supports and pipe anchors, there is excessive thermal expansion.


Rubber and Metal Adhesives | Bonding Adhesives

A primer used for bonding a wide variety of vulcanised and unvulcanised rubber compounds to metals and other rigid substrates. Two-part bonding process for rubber to metal, rubber to rubber, rubber to fabric and fabric to fabric applications. Factors to consider when selecting the right bonding agent or rubber adhesive for your requirements. Rubber adhesives supplied and manufactured by Truco are of high strength and exceptional quality.


Conveyor Belting | Conveyor Belting Accessories

Our stock range varies from a class 250/2 ply up to a class 1250/4 ply with top and bottom cover thickness varying from as low 1.6 x 1.6mm and as high as 8.0 x 3.0mm and widths from 300mm up to 1500mm wide. Truco stocks and distributes a comprehensive range of high-grade, cost-effective industrial textile and steel reinforced rubber conveyor belting – suitable for industrial and mining applications.


Truco - Hose Fittings

Made from a high-grade, corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, the Truco Reusable split flange coupling consists of two halves with an internal helix, which correspond to the spiral on the outside of the rubber hose. Truco manufactures a variety of hoses with custom-made end fittings, such as the unique Truco reusable split flange couplings for pulp and slurry hoses.


Hoses – Rubber hose, PVC hoses, Composite hose and Hose Accessories

Reinforced hoses are constructed with textile braid, wire braid, wire helix, or many other designs in ply or layer configurations. These Hoses can also be used for spraying of wet mortar, mixed concrete, and pneumatic suction or discharge of abrasive materials. Truco Oil Hoses are designed for high pressure transfer of petroleum products, and low pressure hydraulic drives and oil return.