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By: Triple-c Business Solutions  11-11-2011

On May 13, 1931, Neil H. McElroy, a young ad man working at Proctor and Gamble, wrote a 3 page memo to management related to his frustration with trying to promote P&G's Camay soap not only against rival brands but against the company's own Ivory soap. In it he outlined his ideas about product differentiation in which he submitted that each brand should be managed separately and that each should have it own unique selling propositions that did not conflict with other brands. And so, as P&G management took his ideas to heart, brand management was born. And it has been adopted by every company in the consumer industry since.

When customers think of your brand, they see your promise that a certain quality of experience will continue to be present whenever they return to that brand in the future. If this expectation is met on a consistent basis it could mean market dominance for your product. More than that, it could provide a significant foothold that allows similar products to be launched into welcoming arms.

To keep your promise takes more than good intentions. It takes a solid system that makes sure that what you did to impress the consumer the first time keeps happening every time after that. And such a system requires careful design, implementation and management.

This means managing your organization's capabilities. Processes that are capable of delivering what is required need to be established and controlled. And motivated people who are willing and able to deliver the goods need to be groomed. At the end of the day, it's about enabling a consistent experience that is monitored with an eagle eye to make certain your consumer is never disappointed.

Your brands are safe in our hands as we mould your system to make sure that they are fully supported through all functions of your organization, whether it's market research, promotions or devising a new vision for a brand. We are focussed on carrying the essence of the brand to the consumer and winning market share through their favourable perception of your products.

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