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ur multi-skilled agents are placed in organisations around the country with a specific brief to infiltrate and successfully identify sources of loss and irregularities, thus providing our clients with reliable information on which to make informed business decisions. We have developed a solid network of informers in most areas of trade and industry which allows us to rapidly validate information received. Trio-Data undercover agents are individuals from diverse backgrounds with both operational and professional experience.


gents traditionally operate from within the workforce on a casual or semi-permanent basis. This ensures that the agent outwardly appears to be a bona fide employee. All aspects of the agent’s employment relationship are exactly the same as those of our client’s permanent staff.


nformation gathered from the debriefing of agents is forwarded to the client on a weekly basis, reflecting the progress of the investigation. The reports contain factual observations, recommendations and proposals for further operational planning.


e perceive an undercover operation to be an “information gathering process” whereby, collectively, we can be proactive and not reactive (let’s stop killing fires).

The training of our undercover agents has been focussed mainly on the following: •

Productivity of staff (contractors included)

Staff attitude towards management and the company

Systems, controls, procedures and the supervision thereof

Staff intentions and their grievances towards management and the company


he primary focus of this widely spread service is to identify and curtail critical losses and irregularities and stabilize productivity within an organisation. Working closely with our Business Intelligence Division, this unit comprises a diverse team of experts that smoothly take care of your specialized needs:

• Debugging and Electronic Security
• Electronic Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance
• Locating Individuals or Products
• Performing Civil and Criminal Investigations into Fraud and Other
Financial Misconduct
• Commercial Background Clearances
• Patent, Copyright and Trademark Infringement Assignments
• Probes/Mystery Shopping
• Polygraph Examinations
• Protection V.I.P Services
• Fraudulent Medical Investigations
• Scientific Handwriting Analysis


pector 360 is the most mature surveillance offering for business use. Spector 360 is your solution to monitor your employees whether they are in the office, travelling, working remotely or even when they are not connected to the company network.


n addition, through a first of its kind surveillance-like camera recording tool, Spector 360 shows you in exact visual detail what an employee does every step of the way. The level of detail is so precise that you can see what an employee does each and every second.


ith high level reports and charts that help you quickly identify those employees who are most likely engaging in activities that are harmful to your business, you’ll be able to focus any detailed investigations on those specific individuals, and be assured that Spector 360 will provide you with all the details you need to conduct the most thorough analysis possible.


pector 360 allows you to proactively control how your employees use the web by integrating Internet Filtering with world-class monitoring. Block access to specific web sites or to categories deemed inappropriate for your workplace.


estrict access by individual, group, department or the entire company if necessary. With more than thirty pre-defined web filtering categories, Spector 360 gives you the power to eliminate excessive and explicit Internet surfing while keeping your employees focused and on task.

Why should you be monitoring your employees? •

Increase Productivity

Conduct Investigations and Document Violations

Enforce Acceptable Use Policy

“Insider” Theft Protection

Compliance Requirements


e believe that, with our management strength and commitment, diversity and our combined expertise, we at Trio-Data are confident that a professional and highly efficient security service will be provided should you leave it in our care.


rio-Data keeps abreast of international trends and developments within the security industry, ensuring that systems and services provided are superior and will suit your specific security needs. We constantly strive to provide our clients with an effective and professional service. We will guarantee the following:

Manage your physical security profile.

Ensure that the appointed security company complies with the minimum PSIRA standards.

Compilation of Site Procedure Manuals to comply with your specific requirements. If necessary, revision and amendments to existing Site    Procedure Manuals.

Weekly site visits and non compliance audits of security personnel performances.

Weekly meetings regarding the non compliance audits.

Respond, investigate and compile reports on the findings to major security incidents on your site.

Source and supply of security systems.


ive off site monitoring assists in fact-findings such as uncovering links, connections and correlation between role players, clarifying the sequence of events and finally locating an answer which could take form of disciplinary, legal and or criminal actions and therefore ultimately providing our clients with user friendly and effective means of correction and prevention.

W hy Off Site Monitoring?

During the activation of an incident one can monitor the system to establish if it was a    wrongdoing and inform the appropriate manager/authorities concerned immediately.

The client will receive an incident report within 48 hrs after the incident occurred.

Fair judgment on wrongdoing of all employees from management perspective.

Incidents will be cut onto disk and submitted to the client.

No collusion can occur between monitoring staff and that of the client.

Immediate action can be taken when incidents occur.

The CCTV operators in the camera monitoring centre are experienced and trained    individuals.

We take pride in the ability to provide clients with world-class services in all aspects of offsite   monitoring – not only how to respond to a    perceived threat, but also how to prevent such   threats from occurring


ccupational health and safety legislation requires employers to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risk to the health or welfare of its employees.


mployees affected by alcohol, drugs and other potentially harmful substances in the workplace are in risk to themselves and to others and 25% of all workplace accidents are drug related.


he penalties for an employer not complying with its health and safety obligations are significant. Directors and senior managers may in some instances be held personally liable for such non-compliance.


he South African Labour Courts have found that the prevention of alcohol abuse at work is management responsibility and that it is the employer who should ensure that employees were not able to commence work if drunk. This would also apply to employees under the influence of drugs or other potentially harmful substances

Statistics in the workplace: •

80% of alcoholics are employed

26.6% of drug addicts are employed

Only 4% of addicts are referred to treatment by their employer


ore and more employers are starting to see the effects substance abuse is having in their working environment.

Let us assist you in your substance management programme by: • Pre-employment & replacement testing
• Reasonable suspicion / cause testing
• Post accident testing
• Random testing
• Return-to-duty testing
• Follow-up testing
  Substance abuse management programme consists of the following: • Policy
• Awareness
• Testing
• Employer Assistance Programme

Keywords: Security