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By: Travel Forex  11-11-2011
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Inter Africa Bureau De Change can assist individuals and companies with the following:

•    sale and purchase of foreign bank notes,

•    sale and purchase of travellers cheques,

•    sale of TravelWallet,

•    sending and receiving of telegraphic transfers,

•    forex collections from businesses with B21 exemption,

•    online ordering,

•    applications for additional travel & omnibus allowances and

•    the attestation of Form NEP.

Foreign Bank Notes

We offer all the major currencies, and with prior notice, are often able to avail of the more exotic currencies.

Travellers Cheques

We sell American Express Travellers Cheques, which

-    are refundable if lost or stolen

-    has no expiry date

and no commission is charged if cashed at a representative office.

American Express Travellers Cheques are available in the following currencies 

•    US Dollars

•    Swiss Franc 

•    Australian Dollar 

•    Canadian Dollar

•    British Pound 

•    Euro

•    Japanese Jen


TravelWallet offers you the security of traveller’s cheques the convenience of an ATM, credit card and debit card, and the simplicity of foreign notes.

Some advantages of TravelWallet include:

•    You can use it as a payment card anywhere the MasterCard sign is displayed.

•    Pre-load money so that you spend what you intend to.

•    Draw money in the currency of the country you are visiting at any Cirrus or MasterCard ATM.

•    Your money is available 24 hours a day.

•    If your card is stolen, you can stop it and order a replacement while travelling by simply calling      +27 011 241 1008.

•    You can also request an emergency cash advance.

•    The card is PIN protected for ATM cash withdrawals.

•    The TravelWallet can be loaded with pounds, euros, US dollars and Australian dollars.

Telegraphic Transfers (TT)


A telegraphic transfer is a transfer of funds between banks and it takes three working days for the funds to reflect in the foreign bank account. TT’s can be used to pay Land Arrangements or to avail of ones Travel Allowance.


We can receive incoming TT’s, send by foreigners for advance payment of travel related expenses.

Standard Bank South Africa facilitates all our TT’s.

Forex Collections from Businesses with B21 Exemption

Inter Africa Bureau de Change can apply on the behalf of travel agents, hotels, restaurants, shops and other persons, whose business is directly related to the tourism industry, to the South African Reserve Bank for B21 exemption. B21 exemption enable businesses to accept foreign bank notes and foreign currency travellers cheques, from visitors to the Republic, in payment of goods supplied and services rendered, against a written undertaking that such foreign currency will be sold to an Authorised Dealer and/or an ADLA not later than the following business day after acquisition thereof.


•    All foreign exchange will be collected from the business premises.

•    Easy hassle free sale of the forex at competitive rates.

•    The proceeds of sales can be deposited directly into the bank account of the Business.

This product enables our cross border transport clients to manage their forex needs in their own time and convenience. The application enables the following:

•    Order of foreign currency.

•    View updated exchange rates.

•    View the current balance on your account.

•    View of historic transactions.

•    Monitor orders from pending to completed

Keywords: Bureau De Change, Travellers Cheques