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By: Trace-pol  11-11-2011

Pension trace

To assist employees and ex-employees who feel they have not received their full benefit upon their withdrawal from their pension.

Provident trace

To assist employees and ex-employees who feel they have not received their full benefit upon their withdrawal from their provident fund.

Life policy trace

This will mainly apply to deceased persons trace. This policy is a cover that a person takes out in order to provide income to their next of kin upon their demise. The issue with this policy is that most people do not tell their next of kin of policies that they have such a policy, thereby losing the value of the policy

Investment policy trace

These are policies that one usually takes in conjunction with the life assurance policy. They usually come as an added benefit to a life policy. They are usually retrieval as cash after a period of time and can be cashed at anytime during the policy. The issue is that most people can take out a life policy and then decide to cancel the policy, due to whatever reason, after cancelling the policy they forget or don’t know that there is a value to the policy and the policy can be ceded for cash.

Funeral policy trace

These are policies that one takes out to cover any funeral expenses. These funeral policies are usually taken by both parents against each other and their dependents. The problem starts when another partner does not know of the where about of the other partners’ funeral policy. Therefore they lose the cover of the deceased spouse choosing to bury the spouse with their own funeral cover

Shares trace

The objective of the share trace is that at times people buy shares and do not inform their next of kin of the investment. At times employers offer staff shares in the company. There are also free shares which were given to policy holders of Sanlam and old mutual.

Medical aid trace

Some medical aids have a saving option. This means that upon withdrawal from the medical aid, members maybe entitled to a payout of the saved option.

Inheritance trace

These are monies that would be left for a person from a deceased person’s estate. These funds may be lying with the lawyers involved and waiting a claim

Government trace – UIF/RAF

These traces include RAF and UIF traces. This refers to people who have claimed with these departments but have not received any feedback, there may be various reasons why that may be the case.

Annuity trace

These are funds that people accumulate due to people taking out an annuity on their pensions; annuity is the adding of funds to the retirement fund

Guardian fund trace

These are monies that are monitored and administered by the courts; these are funds which are given to guardians of minors. These can be orphans and or adopted children

Will drafting

These is an value add service, which we offer for free, this is to ensure that upon a person demise all their estate and monies are distributed the way it should be.