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By: Toro Financial Planners  11-11-2011
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Toro Financial Planners has specialists in most areas of personal and corporate financial planning. Our services include long-term and short-term insurance, investment planning, retirement planning, estate planning, healthcare planning and detailed financial planning.
We do not provide accounting, banking or tax planning services (apart from tax planning pertaining to products we endorse). We are also not licensed stockbrokers. We can refer you on as required.

Long-term Risk Planning

Long-term assurance covers risks applicable to your body, such as death, disability or contracting a severe illness. This is done through life cover, funeral cover, lump sum disability, income protection, sickness cover and severe illness cover. We avoid products which mix assurance and investments in order to maintain flexibility and transparency.

In-house specialist: Errol Gravett & Marco Colandrea

Personal Short-Term Risk Planning

Short-term insurance covers risks to your assets such as fire, theft and accidental damages. Most assets can be covered. Regular assets such as motor vehicles, houses and personal items are insured through any of our mainline short-term insurers. We also offer specialist short-term insurance services, such as marine, event insurance or professional indemnity insurance.

In-house specialist: Stan Tchernyi

Investment Planning

The majority of investment planning is done through collective investment schemes, commonly known as unit trusts. Endowment structures are used for tax purposes for high net worth individuals. Where flexibility is required, asset managersare used. Where explicit guarantees are required, long-term assurers are utilised. The vast majority of investment products carry no penalties for early withdrawal. Many traditional insurance products are strictly avoided due to high costs, inflexibility, poor transparency and poor fund selection.

In-house specialist - Discretionary: Andrew Delmont

In-house specialist – Offshore: Josh Copham

In-house specialist – Guaranteed Products: Errol Gravett

Retirement Planning

Retirement annuities are ideal vehicles for long term saving vehicles due to favourable tax treatment and protection. For monthly premiums of R500 or more, only asset managers are utilised where premiums can be altered at any time without penalties. Preservation funds are used to preserve withdrawn pension and provident monies prior to retirement. For retiring clients we conduct a comprehensive assessment to best structure a solution to meet the clients’ needs.

In-house specialist: Clive Brook

Healthcare Planning

Medical schemes are utilised to cover the financial risk of hospitalisation, day-to-day cover and chronic conditions. Basic, restricted hospital plans right up to fully comprehensive plans are offered. Medical insurance is for entry-level cover or to top up existing medical scheme cover.

In-house specialist: Duncan Barker

Estate Planning

A will is one of the most important documents you will ever sign. It is very important that you have recorded your wishes so that assets are distributed in accordance with your wishes and that your final wishes are respected. For large estates, correct estate planning is important to minimise the estate duty payable.

In-house specialists: Andrew Delmont & Duncan Barker

Retirement Planning

Pension and provident funds are used for larger employers to look after the retirement funding needs of staff members. For smaller employees, group retirement annuities are used as they offer better transparency, cost structures and flexibility.

In-house specialist: Andrew Delmont

Long-Term Risk Planning

Group life assurance, funeral cover, lump sum disability, income protection and severe illness cover are all used to provide benefits to staff members and protect the business from financial liabilities.

In-house specialist: Josh Copham

Commercial Short-Term Insurance Planning

A variety of risks require cover in the commercial environment. Buildings, vehicles, equipment, inventory, stock-in-transit, cash, business interruption, public liability and employer liability risks can all be covered.

In-house specialist: Stan Tchernyi

Healthcare Planning

Medical schemes are usually used to offer employees healthcare benefits. Low cost medical insurance can be used to cover basic healthcare needs for blue-collar workers.

In-house specialist: Duncan Barker

Business Assurance

Buy-and-sell agreements, key-person assurance, contingent liability cover and preferred and deferred compensation schemes are all offered to reduce the financial risks of a business owner, employee, creditor or debtor dying or becoming disabled.

In-house specialist: Marco Colandrea

Corporate Investment

Collective investments and company owned policies are used for short-term cash flow needs or for longer-term savings for future dated projects.

In-house specialist: Andrew Delmont

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