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By: Topline Innovations  12-08-2011
Keywords: Balance Bracelet

  • The Rayma Balance Bracelet is not copper, nor is it magnetized. It is comprised of a seven metal alloy.
  • The Rayma Balance Bracelet can be safely worn by most people, except children under three years of age, pregnant women, while anyone with any electrical device should consult their physician before wearing the bracelet.
  • The Rayma Balance Bracelet is unique to the wearer, and should on no account be lent to another person or worn on the wrist of another person.
  • As the Rayma Balance Bracelet is unique to the wearer, it affects each person differently. Some people feel the therapeutic effects within moments of putting on the bracelet, while with others it may take a little longer.
  • Bending the Rayma Balance Bracelet to fit comfortably on your wrist will not damage the finish or the function.
  • The Rayma Balance Bracelet must be taken off when working with high voltage machinery and during treatment with electronic instruments (especially X-Ray equipment).
  • You can wear rings with the Rayma Balance Bracelet, and you can wear the bracelet during bathing or showering.
  • You must not leave the Rayma Balance Bracelet on a metal surface, wear it in contact with other metals or a watch, or allow the ends of the bracelet to come into contact with one another. Any other bangles and watches must be worn on the opposite wrist
  • The Rayma Balance Bracelet will give you protection against the effects of radiation from TV’s, HI-FI’s, computers, cellphones and microwave ovens.

Keywords: Balance Bracelet