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By: Tongaat Hulett Starch  11-11-2011
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Technical Services

Our Technical Services Department plays a vital role in our customer support program and our customers are invited to make full use of these facilities. Based at our Meadowdale offices the technical support team works in close co-operation with the sales team to provide a variety of individual services to all our customers.

This department is staffed by highly experienced professionals who not only have the benefit of the collective experience of our own business, but can also access the experience of similar centers in North America, South America and Australia.

Technical Services provide proactive support to clients in a number of major industries including food, paper making, corrugating, adhesives, textiles, mining and pharmaceuticals.

Technical Services offers the following support services:
  • Assistance in the selection of optimum products for specific applications.
  • Provision of formulations and recommended processes.
  • Supervision of trials incorporating our products.
  • Development of new products incorporating starch and glucose.
  • Provision of product and technical information and recommendations on how to use specific products by providing;
    • Direct customer visits
    • Laboratory and analytical services
    • Indirect communications
    • Direct communications
  • Providing a high quality technical backup service to our clients.
  • Training of our customer’s staff in products and applications.
  • Assistance with Customer investigations and continuous assessment of customers’ processes and making recommendations where necessary.
  • Analysis of raw materials and products during technical investigations.
  • Trouble shooting and problem solving of customers’ technical difficulties.
  • Assistance with data sheets, food safety information, technical brochures and recipes.
  • Sampling to customers by
    • Approval, handling and tracking.
  • Product specifications and their
  • Training of

Our Resources:

Laboratory Facilities:

  • Test Kitchen
  • Paper Laboratory
  • Development and Central Laboratories

Specialists in their field:

  • Food Industry
  • Paper Making
  • Paper Converting
  • General Industrial

What can we make in our laboratories?

  • Sauces and dressings
  • Powdered formulations
  • Canned Foods
  • Confectionary
  • Panning
  • Beverages
  • Taste panels
  • Corrugated board testing
  • Paper hand sheets
  • Paper coating
  • Paper testing
  • Photomicrographs
  • Adhesive formulations

Because many of these services require close co-operation between Tongaat Hulett Starch and our customers, we guarantee that all information is held in the strictest confidence.

Should you require any assistance with your product or product development please do not hesitate to contact our Customer centre or technical services department.

Keywords: Paper Converting

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As a starch-based polymer, Zeba is made up of glucose molecules, which are linked together chemically to become a water-insoluble, net-like matrix in the form of a hydrogel that holds and releases water for use by plants as needed. Zeba is a unique superabsorbent polymer based on natural cornstarch, making it biodegradable, nontoxic and odourless.


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This is a suggested formulation to produce a Barbeque sauce with good freeze thaw stability with good adhesion properties. BENEFITS of STYCROS MImparts viscosity and body. Treacle No. 1 (Tongaat Hulett Sugar. Supplied by Tongaat Hulett Starch. Disperse the Starch in some water. BENEFITS OF Glucose Syrup Std 43. Blend Sugar, Salt and Spices.