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By: Tokara  11-11-2011


TOKARA Winery has released its third five-year-old Potstill Brandy made from Chenin Blanc grapes sourced from neighbouring vineyards.

Our TOKARA Five year old Potstill Brandy, produced in our copper Potstill, is a first for our winemaker Miles Mossop who worked in close conjunction with brandy consultant Buks Venter, who previously headed brandy distillation and maturation at KWV.

The Chenin Blanc grapes were picked in January 2002 and the base wine had a citrus character with concentrated fruit aromas of pear, pineapple and green apple.

Hand distillation, using our gas flame-heated Prulho Potstill from the town of Cognac, started in April 2000 and the traditional double distillation process was used to retain only the 'heart' fraction.

The resultant spirit was 72% alcohol volume and this was filled into a combination of 300 litre new and 20-year-old French oak brandy barrels, with a five-year maturation contributing to the brandy's distinct characteristics.

About 2000 litres were produced with the final blending of the debut TOKARA Potstill Brandy taking placed prior to bottling in 2007 to adjust the brandy strength to 40% alcohol volume and to create a distinctive spirit with balanced flavours and a fine length of aftertaste.

'When you are in the fickle business of distilling the essence of the grape and then maturing it for a length of time, you really need to be a visionary to predict what the discerning taste will be like in five years time.  In a sense TOKARA five year old brandy is a guided synthesis in which all the variables of soil, climate, man and machine, time and change have been orchestrated to give a sublime and delicate fruitiness complemented  by richness spices and fine oak, all against a backdrop of the palest gold, ' Venter said.

The TOKARA Brandy is available from the cellar at R375 per bottle.

You are welcome to taste the TOKARA Brandy at the cellar.