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By: Tmi Logistics  11-11-2011
Keywords: Vehicles, Fleet Management, Operating Capital

Services Superb Fleet Management
We have built up the core competencies required to run a fleet at high efficiency 24/7/365 - carrying out effective preventative maintenance (using both in-sourced and outsourced service providers) and thus ensuring that our vehicles spend the maximum amount of time on the road working for our clients, rather than off the road. This ensures that we minimise our operating capital requirements, and thus our pricing to you, our client. Comprehensive Security
One of the greatest risks faced in any logistics operation is theft – theft of either the vehicle or the cargo. We can insure against such an occurrence, and we do, but even better is the ability to prevent such an occurrence, or recover very rapidly from such an occurrence. One Stop end-to-end Insurance solution
All our vehicles are comprehensively insured against most mishaps. In addition, we are able to offer the facility to you that we are able to facilitate your complete insurance requirements for your cargo. If required, we will supply a complete logistics solution – transporting your loads from source to destination and also fully insuring them for the duration of the journey. We employ a variety of confidential security measures to ensure that we experience no such issues and these have been very successful in the past. We have experienced a few unfortunate incidents of theft but in each case, we have been able to recover our vehicles in less than ten minutes, thus limiting the impact on both ourselves and our customers. Immediate Assistance in Emergency / Breakdown Situations
In the event of an emergency experienced by a driver, our call centre staff are trained in the appropriate protocols and will dispatch an in-house mechanic, outsourced mechanic or appropriate rescue vehicle as required. A great advantage afforded by our continuous satellite tracking of all vehicles is the ability to react quicker to any emergency situation and the knowledge that we know, at all time where our vehicles are – so we are able to dispatch assistance, not just timeously, but to the correct location

Keywords: Fleet Management, Operating Capital, Vehicles,