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By: Timber Construction  11-11-2011
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Solid wooden floors is truly where our passion lies! They are available in a wide variety of absolutely beautiful species. The thickness of the wood flooring boards ranges between 14mm and 22mm, depending on your requirements. There is also a grading system for solid woods. 

Our principle standard grades are separated into three: Grade A, Grade AB , Grade B and Grade C. Whereas our Grade A is select and better Quality, Our Grade AB is equivalent to First European Quality (FEQ) and Grade B is Market Quality. Grade C has flaws and inconsistencies. 

Our standard quality available for flooring are grouped into, GGI Grade "A", Grade "B" and "Market". Nevertheless our concept on quality is the agreement between our customers and us. It depends on requirement of our customers and availability at our end. After the agreement on quality between us, we guarantee our quality to be as defined by both.

The hardness of the different wood species plays a major role in their ultimate application.

The Janka hardness rating is your standard measurement for this purpose. The Janka test is conducted by measuring the force needed to lodge a .444-inch steel ball in the wood species to a depth of half the ball's diameter. The higher the rating, the harder is the species of wood. Of course, the Janka hardness rating is also useful when assessing how easy or difficult it is to hammer a nail into the hardwood or cut it with a saw.

Solid wooden floors can be laid on wooden cleats, glued down to the screed or in the case of more stable wood, it can be installed as a floating floor. It can also be installed as a sprung floor for areas like gyms and dancing studios.

Types of Solid Wood Floors

Zimbabwean Teak - strip or parquet flooring

Burmese Teak


SA Pine


African Rosewood

African Mahogany



Tasmanian Oak

Siberian Larch

Oregon Pine













If you do not see the wood species you want on the list, we can get it for you!

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