Tiger 50CR Sulphur/Sulphate Agriculture Micronutrient

By: Tiger-sul  11-11-2011
Keywords: Sulphur

A combination sulphur/sulphate product that offers both immediate available sulphate and slow release sulphur together to maximize sulphur fertility. The high analysissulphur allowsfor fewer pounds of product to be applied reducing blend bulk as well as a reduction in salts and toxic ammonia when seed is placed.

In cooler climates the conversion of degradable sulphur can be slowed due to decreased microbial activity in the soil. In these conditions supplementing a portion of the sulphur with sulphate sulphur will provide early season sulphate for the emerging plants. Once the soil warms and microbial activity increases the TIGER® sulphur portion begins to release plant available sulphate throughout the growing season. The result is a continual supply of plant available sulphate throughout the growing season, ensuring sulphur is never depleted.

By maximizing sulphur fertility nitrogen utilization is maximized, as well as phosphate and micronutrient uptake is enhanced with the TIGER® sulphur portion of the mix.

Experience the best of both sulphur sources with TIGER 50CR® sulphur/sulphate.

Keywords: Sulphur

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