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By: Tidal Software  11-11-2011
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Products Overview

Simplifying and unifying enterprise job scheduling and application performance management, is fast becoming a business requirement as IT operations grow in complexity. Tidal Software helps customers address this and other needs with Enterprise Job Scheduling and Application Performance Management solutions to foster operational efficiency, freeing resources to improve overall application functionality and performance for evolving business needs.

Tidal solutions streamline vital IT operations by automating and simplifying many of the complex and routine tasks involved in job scheduling and application performance management. Furthermore, they deliver new levels of dynamic optimization by uniquely combining job scheduling and application performance management, to quickly align IT operations with business priorities.

Customers consistently cite ease of use, enterprise-wide coverage and the company's technical vision for job scheduling and application performance as reasons for selecting Tidal Software. Our products not only support standards such as .NET and Java; more importantly, they connect, out-of-the-box, to a wide range of applications and infrastructure, bridging complex heterogeneous environments.

Radically simple ease-of-use – and an Expert-in-a-Box

Tidal Software speeds time-to-benefit with exceptional ease-of-use, offering fast deployment and management from a single console. Designed for demanding enterprise environments, Tidal delivers strong benefits in categories including:

  • Installation and configuration, with solutions that are universally designed to install quickly and be in production in days or weeks
  • Enhanced productivity, allowing operations staff to quickly define and deploy job processes for revenue-generating operations, and empowering SAP experts through automated analysis
  • Recovery, as prompt notification of failed jobs and process directly reduces recovery from hours to minutes. Additionally, Tidal Software solutions allows outage windows to be better planned, to manage the impact on business operations and ensure that internal service level agreements (SLAs) are met
  • Automated analysis, as system professionals have access to new insight to quickly solve mysterious, intermittent system degradation problems. Offending jobs can be intercepted and their operations closely managed

Our Expert-in-a-Box™ capability further speeds Tidal's time to benefit. Built into Tidal Software Application Performance Management solutions, Expert-in-a-Box identifies and resolves issues the way an expert would, providing actionable results through:

  • Automated analysis based on domain experts' best processes
  • Hundreds of analysis workflows running in real time, 24x7
  • Analysis across multiple components to identify the source of performance issues
  • A knowledgebase for detailed corrective action
  • Simple installation, immediate configuration and monthly updates

Tidal Software solutions for Enterprise Job Scheduling

IT groups must support many applications and servers across multiple platforms that frequently operate independently of each other. Coordinating all of these applications and networks to streamline job scheduling can increase productivity and reduce costs. However, merely applying more staff, toolkits and rudimentary job scheduling software to cobble together automated batch processing solutions is cost-prohibitive, inefficient and error-prone. A new, and radically simple, approach is required.

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler provides complete enterprise job automation, enabling datacenters to break free of manual solutions – and, in the process, streamlining both complex and routine tasks. With Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, enterprises can realize dramatic improvements in the operation of a wide range of business functions, from order management to data warehousing and business intelligence.

Tidal Enterprise Scheduler is the industry's leading cross-platform, cross-application process automation solution. Its graphic workflow design and monitoring consoles greatly simplify the processing of input from myriad applications and data sources. In addition, its advanced capabilities simplify recovery from failure at any point in the process and assist in planning for outage windows. Tidal Enterprise Scheduler even delivers process auditability, laying the foundation for managing compliance initiatives.

Tidal Software solutions for Application Performance Management

Traditional application performance management tools deliver consolidated, but raw data and alerts, leaving an administrator to evaluate, analyze and determine next steps. Furthermore, administrators may not know something is wrong until failure. Often the products do not capture the failure conditions, and a problem may have to recur before it can be solved.

Advanced application performance management tools from Tidal Software use embedded administrator expertise to identify important data, run sophisticated analysis workflows, and provide actionable intelligence to administrators. We've leveraged our deep understanding of popular enterprise application platforms, along with a deep understanding of datacenter operations management, to provide you with advanced application performance management products including:

  • Horizon, was a solution that delivered next-generation application performance management. Horizon automated best practices for detecting, identifying and analyzing availability and performance problems within enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications such as SAP. Horizon functionality is now incorporated into our new offering called Cisco Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator. The automation packs within Cisco Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator that has the Horizon content and functionality is called Tidal Intelligent Automation for SAP.
  • ASAP (Application Scheduling and Performance), an advanced management application built on Tidal's enterprise scheduling and application performance products. Tidal ASAP ensures that business priorities are dynamically reflected within IT operations to ensure optimal alignment with the business
  • Transaction Analyzer, which uniquely captures 100% of all transaction activity in SAP for a wide range of corporate uses. It radically simplifies tracking, reporting, and analysis for audit compliance, performance management and business activity metrics, providing self-serve capabilities that empower departments with a range of operational metrics

Tidal Software solutions for IT Process Automation

In general, IT Process Automation is also referred to as Run Book Automation (RBA) . Traditionally, IT Process Automation or RBA is the ability to define, build, orchestrate, manage and report on workflows that support system and network operational processes. However, the unique value add that Tidal RBA solutions bring to the table is this notion called application awareness. Application awareness enables our run book automation product, Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator, to cross all management disciplines and interact with all types of infrastructure elements, such as applications, databases and hardware.

Along with the abilities to deliver and prove higher IT operations efficiencies including reducing mean time to repair (MTTR), increasing mean time between failures (MTBF) and automating the provisioning of IT resources. it is also necessary to have the mechanisms to implement best practices (for example, implement and manage IT operations processes in line with IT Infrastructure Library ITIL), increase IT personnel effectiveness (for example, automate repetitive tasks associated with IT operations process) and have the tools to fully report on how the processes are executed in line with established policies and service levels. Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator is the product and platform for delivering these RBA capabilities end-to-end.For SAP specific Run Book Automation capabilities that is recommended by SAP, we have Tidal Intelligent Automation for SAP; which is SAP specific content delivered as Automation packs on top of Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator.

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Other products and services from Tidal Software


Java Application Performance Management | Java APM

Wherever transactions flow while executing business processes, even across multiple system tiers, Tidal Intersperse can trace them, linking together low-level monitoring information into a single business process view and giving you visibility into the execution of individual sessions or process executions.


Enterprise Job Scheduling: Cross Application Job Scheduler

A planned approach to job scheduling and datacenter automation should not only eliminate these risks and inefficiencies, but also reach across heterogeneous environments as a service platform for business process automation and infrastructure activities.


History, Trends, and Audit Reporting

These unique capabilities empower the business with a range of operational metrics for compliance audit, business operations analysis, application performance analysis, capacity planning, and help desk functions, while reducing the impact to IT staff. Tidal Transaction Analyzer delivers a new level of visibility into the activity and operation of SAP by simplifying user transaction reporting through the use of unique scenario-based reports.


SAP Automation | Automate SAP Best Practices & Processes

Tidal Intelligent Automation for SAP and Automation Packs for SAP Solutions interfaces with SAP environments and includes preconfigured SAP content to support users in simplifying SAP performance management. It allows users to automate incident response, task management, and corrective actions, as well as orchestrate complex operational processes like system copy for SAP applications.


Windows Administration Automation | RBA for Windows

As the foundation for standardizing, unifying, and automating IT processes in complex, heterogeneous environments, it frees up valuable resources to address vital strategic business objectives. Special Automation packs and adapters for VMware, Cisco Unified Computing System, Cisco® network services and server provisioning. Tidal Enterprise Orchestrator version 2.1.2 is the current version of the Tidal® Intelligent Automation™ solution.


Job Scheduling, Business Process Automation and Application Performance Management

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