Enterprise Job Scheduling: Cross Application Job Scheduler

By: Tidal Software  11-11-2011
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Automating Job Scheduling and other datacenter tasks is a requirement for the complex datacenter. Yet, the integration between IT Systems using existing tools must be custom-coded or left undone, leaving the datacenter with increased security risk and a reliance on business users to monitor system health. A planned approach to job scheduling and datacenter automation should not only eliminate these risks and inefficiencies, but also reach across heterogeneous environments as a service platform for business process automation and infrastructure activities.

Tidal Software offers the easiest-to-use enterprise job scheduler – Tidal Enterprise Scheduler™ - for completely automating even the most complex batch processing across the complete enterprise. Customers consistently cite Tidal’s enterprise job scheduling software’s ease-of-use, support for complex heterogeneous environments and flexibility as reasons for selecting Tidal.

Tidal's job scheduling software has dramatically improved the performance of a wide range of systems for customers such as: order management, business intelligence, customer reporting, and more.

With an intuitive graphical user interface, Tidal’s enterprise job scheduling software is the most complete of its kind. Tidal Enterprise Scheduler can manage hundreds of thousands of tasks per day. It offers a scalable, distributed architecture that works across platforms such as Windows®, Unix®, Linux®, z/OS® OS/400®, OVMS®, and legacy systems, and seamlessly integrates with leading applications like SAP®, PeopleSoft® and Oracle® E-Business Suite, leading Business Intelligence and data warehousing solutions, and many commonly used industry specific applications such as those used in banking, retail and other industries.

Used in some of the most demanding datacenters in the world, Tidal’s enterprise job scheduling software can be implemented quickly, ensuring rapid streamlining of all batch processing, contributing to overall datacenter efficiency.

Companies in a variety of industries rely on Tidal Enterprise Scheduler to keep their daily operations running smoothly. Tidal’s enterprise job scheduling software combined with Tidal’s performance management solutions can deliver even greater levels of automation and optimization to the data center than other, conventional, scheduling and performance management solutions.

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