GMM-Shadeports Durable, Cool and Dry - HipRoof

By: Thuso  11-11-2011

GMM’s Hip Roof Structure allows for greater spans than its other products and can provide a grid size of up to 45 feet wide by 20ft deep.

The structure can also be installed in a back to back configuration providing up to 1800 Square Feet of shade without the need for any additional columns. This greatly reduces the cost of the additional cover and brings down the overall cost per square foot.

Another benefit of the above back to back configuration is that GMM can cover both cantilevered structures with a single continuous shade net thereby reducing any loss of cover caused by the catenaries.

GMM also brings another first to this part of the shade market by providing a Water Proof version of the Hip Roof Structure with any of the above configurations.

As with all of GMM’s products, the Hip Roof Structure is maintenance free in that it predominantly uses a system of steel purlins as opposed to relying purely on cables. By using round steel purlins, GMM avoids the sagginess common to cable based structures and provides a better looking and always taught structure which offers both convenience and value to the client.

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GMM-Shadeports Durable, Cool and Dry - cts

Various design options are available, from economic open-ended gables to fully enclosed gable ends with ventilation grids, extractor fans, roll-up doors, windows, lighting and HVAC systems easily incorporated in accordance with end user requirements.


GMM-Shadeports Durable, Cool and Dry - Other

Joining 10 portal bays will result in a Clearspan Marquee Structure of 50 x 20 m.- GMM Clearspan Marquee Structures are suitable for installation over slightly uneven surface areas as the upright posts are extendable & can thus be adjusted to follow the actual surface contour.


GMM-Shadeports Durable, Cool and Dry - ShadeSails

Increased awareness of sun cancer and the fact that children are at high risk from an early age, has resulted in Shade Sails or at least some sort of shaded cover becoming almost compulsory for playground areas. Extensive R&D and field trials has enabled GMM – Shade Structure to offer Shade Sails manufactured from shadenet, with sizes up to 50’ x 50’ in square, rectangular or multi point shapes.


GMM-Shadeports Durable, Cool and Dry - FullCantilever

Full Cantilever shadeports can be installed as single free-standing units or joined on a side by side basis, or on both a side by side and back to back basis, making their application very practical for large parking areas. Other than the pleasing and interesting visual effect, Full Cantilever shadeports are very popular due to the fact that only two posts or columns are used per top structure.


GMM-Shadeports Durable, Cool and Dry - SlideBeam

The Slide Beam structure is therefore very practical for use to cover multi lane entrances, such as toll booths, airport or port entrances, terminal building walkways or any other application where a high volume of large vehicles and passengers are present. On top of these posts 2 horizontal beams are attached, which results in it being possible to slide the entire top structure in a pre-determined direction after installation.