Thrustmax Performance Product Info - Improving vehicle performance and fuel consumption while reducing harmful emissions

By: Thrustmax  11-11-2011
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Thrustmax Product Information

Thrustmax Intake Enhancer articles and info:

    How Thrustmax Works

    Thrustmax Intake Enhancer is a simple and unique device that creates a vortex flow between the air filter and the carburetor / injector. The vortex flow induces a substantially higher turbulent flow rate of fuel/air mixture into the engine, per revolution.

    The vortex flow creates a rush of air between the air filter and the fuel feed system and this velocity results in the air flow to swirl vigorously, boosting this function.

    The higher or better the fuel/air flow rate, the greater the fuel burn efficiency – this leads to better combustion and an improvement in fuel consumption of between 8-15%, depending on the application.

    Thrustmax for All Engines

    The Thrustmax Intake Enhancer device is suitable for all makes of vehicles and works on all engines: Fuel Injected, Carburettor, Turbo and non-Turbo, Diesel and gasoline powered as well as stationary vehicles (eg: compressors, generators).


    • Increases mid-range power
    • better fuel consumption
    • cleaner running engine
    • reduced harmful emissions
    • requires no product maintenance
    • affordable
    • reduces/eliminates turbo lag

    Improved Efficiency

    Thrustmax Intake Enhancer is uniquely designed to improve your vehicle's fuel/air mixture - this provides more oxygen in the combustion process which promotes more efficient burning of fuel. Better combustion results in increased power and improved fuel/air mixture saves fuel which in turn saves you money.

    Hence, with a Thrustmax Intake Enhancer unit installed, your vehicle will require less fuel to achieve the same power output thereby improving your fuel efficiency without compromising on performance.

    Reduce Harmful Emissions

    Not only will the Thrustmax Intake Enhancer unit save you money on your fuel bill, fitting a Thrustmax Intake Enhancer device to your vehicle is a positive step towards reducing harmful emissions and global warming as a long-term solution!

    Tests done in the United Kingdom and South Africa, spanning over a 10 year period, have consistently shown a reduction of both CO (Carbon Monoxide) and HC (Hydrocarbons) emissions by an average of 30%, where vehicles were fitted with Thrustmax Intake Enhancer devices.

    Combustion requires a sufficient mix of fuel and oxygen. In normal combustion, one atom of carbon joins with 2 atoms of oxygen to form carbon dioxide (CO2). However, when there is a lack of oxygen, each carbon atom links up with only 1 oxygen to form carbon monoxide (CO). Therefore the production of carbon monoxide is directly linked to the supply of oxygen.

    In Conclusion: Thrustmax Intake Enhancer provides more oxygen in the combustion process which promotes more efficient burning of fuel, this results in less carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions.

    Thrustmax Unit and Installation

    Thrustmax Intake Enhancer units are fixed devices without any moving parts which are designed to be fitted to the air induction system of an engine.

    Thrustmax Intake Enhancer is cost effective, simple to install and requires no maintenance. No engine modifications or special tools are required for fitment.

    Note: If, however, the existing intake hoses or air filters are in poor condition (ie: cracked or dirty), this may impair the performance of Thrustmax Intake Enhancer. In these circumstances we recommend replacing the components in poor condition in order to derive the full benefit of the Thrustmax Intake Enhancer unit.

Keywords: Air Filter, Carbon Monoxide, engine, Fuel