By: Thrustmaster Of Texas  11-11-2011
Keywords: Thrusters, Drilling Operations, Electric Drive

Thrustmaster makes heavy duty thrusters for marine applications from 35 (26kW) to 10,750 HP (8.0MW).  Thrustmaster's product lines include fixed pitch propeller hydraulic and mechanical thrusters with direct engine drive, electric drive or hydraulic drive, and underwater mountable thrusters for the largest marine applications.

Thrustmaster thrusters are used for main propulsion, slow speed maneuvering, and dynamic positioning of barges or displacement hulls.  Thrustmaster propulsion units can also be fixed or azimuthing and close fitted to the hull such as with Z or L drive propulsion, or stem mounted and tiltable with lengths up 35 feet (10m) for the 2000hp (1500kW) hydraulic thrusters.

Thrusters can be provided as complete packages with prime mover and controls, integrated or modular.  Certification is available by any of the major classification societies.

Main propulsion for displacement vessels

Docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping

Thru-hull azimuthing thrusters

Self-contained thruster packages

Portable, reliable and affordable dynamic positioning systems

25 (plus) years of experience building podded hydraulic drives brings the high quality expected of Thrustmaster to a simple version of the hydraulic thruster which can be fixed to the hull or welded to the skegs

Local, wheelhouse, wing station or radio-remote controls

Up to 8000 kW replaced or installed while vessel is in open waters eliminates shutting down drilling operations and heading to drydock for thruster repairs. Units can be removed and installed at the drill site.

Keywords: Drilling Operations, Dynamic Positioning, Electric Drive, Hydraulic Drives, Thrusters

Other products and services from Thrustmaster Of Texas


Azimuth Thrusters

Azimuth thrusters are available in Z-drive configuration with direct diesel engine drive or in L-drive configuration for electric or hydraulic drive from overhead. They are available from 75 to 10,750 HP to replace conventional propulsion and rudder steering systems to perform both the propulsion and steering functions.


Tunnel Thrusters, Tunnel Thruster

Tunnel thrusters are primarily used for docking, slow speed maneuvering, emergency steering and station keeping at zero or slow forward speed. Tunnel thrusters are installed transversely in the bow or the stern of a vessel.


Retractable Thrusters

The retractable electric or hydraulic L-Drives deliver 360 degrees of steering in extended position, or tunnel power in the retracted position. Thrustmaster retractable thrusters are thru-hull azimuthing thrusters using fixed pitch propellers at variable speed. They use nozzled propellers and are used for dynamic positioning or slow speed course tracking applications.


Underwater Mount Thrusters

Because of the need to insure an accurate fit and seal integrity Thrustmaster also designs and manufactures the receptacles. The Underwater Mount Thruster can be removed and exchanged without taking the vessel out of service. Underwater Mount Thrusters for Dynamic Positioning are installed after the vessel is launched. The cutaway to the left shows three main components of the underwater installation system.


Propulsion Units

Many options are available, including hydraulic kick-up of the outdrive, hydraulic propeller depth adjustment, remote control panels, choice of engines, etc. Modular barges of the British Navy use Thrustmaster OD150N with remote hand controls, sound attenuation, and manual backup tilt pumps. They are available with diesel or electric hydraulic drives with power ratings from 35 hp to 2000 hp.


Fixed Podded Drives

The engine can be placed at any convenient location as long as hydraulic piping or hoses connects between the engine driven hydraulic pump and the pod motor ports are available. The hydrostatic transmission provides fully proportional propeller speed control in forward and reverse with the engine running at constant speed much like a generator.