CYBERWAR Military Simulators

By: Thorough  11-11-2011
Keywords: Heavy Equipment, simulators, training simulators

The shift in global defence imperatives since the end of the Cold War has left many militaries struggling to strike a balance in their defence posture. Torn between the dynamic reality of low-intensity, asymmetric & peace support type operations and the persistent need to maintain credible conventional forces, governments have recognised the vital importance of Simulator based training as an effective, efficient means of managing this dilemma.

ThoroughTec’s CYBERWAR range of Simulator Systems has been designed and developed to optimise and enhance the training of modern military forces across a broad spectrum of military operations, reducing costs and improving training efficiency wherever they are deployed.

CYBERWAR simulators cater for all levels of synthetic training, from ab initio system familiarisation through low-level procedural instruction to advanced integrated tactical training.

Built to the highest standards of military system engineering, ThoroughTec’s CYBERWAR Simulators strike an optimal balance between physical realism, functional fidelity and operational cost, providing discerning militaries with economically viable, technologically advanced and highly effective simulators.

In a world where the bottom line all too often dominates training priorities, CYBERWAR simulators are an affordable, effective alternative to traditional training and force preparation methods. CYBERWAR simulators allow militaries to build-up reserves of trained personnel and maintain learnt skills, ultimately maintaining force preparedness whilst slashing training costs and radically reducing wear on prime mission equipment.

ThoroughTec is the largest single supplier of military Driver Training and Tactical Crew Training Simulators to the South African National Defence Force, and the world’s leading supplier of heavy equipment simulators to the mining and commercial sectors.  With almost two decade’s of experience in solving people’s simulator training requirements, CYBERWAR is the answer.

Keywords: Heavy Equipment, simulators, training simulators

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