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By: Thinfilm Solar  12-08-2011
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60W Portable Solar Panel

Triple junction amorphous silicon thin film solar technology

Super compact, folding solar panel design

Waterproof, PVC coated canvas

Rain, dust and hail proof

Blocking diodes

50A Anderson connector

Heavy-duty canvas carry bag

When open: 183x87x0.4cm

When folded: 43x33x7cm

12 Eyelets

No glass


Electrical Characteristics Symbol Unit Value
Maximum Power Pmax Watt 60
Voltage at maximum power Vmp Volt 17
Current at maximum power Imp Ampere 3.6
Open Circuit Voltage Voc Volt 24
Short Circuit Current Isc Ampere 4.8

The most effective way to use your portable 60W thin-film panel is in conjunction with a solar charge controller to recharge one or more 12V deep-cycle lead acid batteries.

10A Phocos CML Solar Charge Controllers

Protection from overcharging, over discharging

reverse polarity, overload and short circuit

Identifies 12V or 24V voltage automatically

PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) control

Rated load current 10A 10A
Self consuming current <4mA
Operating temperature -25°C to 50°C
Weight 165g
Size 80mm x 100mm x 32mm

The purpose of a charge controller is to regulate the charging and discharging of lead acid batteries.

Phocos solar charge controllers have advanced features like the use of a pulse-width modulation algorithm to protect your deep-cycle battery from overcharging or discharging, from reverse polarity, overload and short circuit. Cables from a 12V load (eg. lights or coolers), the solar panel and the battery are connected into the solar charge controller. In this way the charge controller regulates the current coming from the panel into the battery and in turn into the load (or appliance). A DC/AC inverter can be connected into the charge controller in place of the load to supply power of 110/220V continuously for a period of time into an appliance that requires 220V.

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