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By: Thermitrex  11-11-2011

straight edge

Depth Gauge

Wear Gauges 48Kg/m, 57Kg/m 60Kg/m
Electronic Straight Edge

This electronic instrument is designed to measure the smoothness and corrugation of the running surface and gauge corner of all types of rails. It shows absolute as well as minimum and maximum values and stores the data in a built in computer. After measurement a protocol can be printed and all data can be transferred to an external computer for further evaluation, or comparison with previous data.

The instrument consists of a straight edge of either 1 or 3 meters length and a sensor that measures the distance between edge and rail surface. The sensor operates on a magnetic principle with built in power supply.

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The single-use crucible, which is supplied inside a five-litre steel canister, is made from bonded refractory material,. The new unit cuts out the need for a number of items of heavy ancillary equipment. The single-use crucible is much lighter, requiring only one person to carry it. Thermit welding has used a conventional reusable multi-component crucible. While this worked well, there were disadvantages.